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My husband and I are replacing the carpet in the front 2/3 of our class A Bounder and are trying to decide if we should install engineered flooring as our neighbor suggests is becoming popular. Has anyone bought their flooring from them before? I need to get a review first.

Any pros, cons, suggestions, or personal experience would be greatly appreciated.


With so many different products of that type, why limit yourself to only one? Check out Lowe's or Home Depot before you choose.
I have never used this type of product, but have seen it installed in several stick and mortar homes.
Keep in mind that any material will swell and shrink with temperature and humidity changes. And I would think it would be more difficult to control the environment in a motor home than in the stick and mortar homes for which these products are designed.
As the material shrinks, gaps will form at the joints which will collect dirt (so don't go for light colors). I assume extreme swelling would cause buckling....though I haven't observed this. So, if it were me, I would vote for a solid floor covering like vinyl.
But what the heck, life isn't any fun if you don't try new things. So if you like it give it a try...... and let us all know now it works out for you after a year or two.

Good luck,
dog bone
Just going by the video,it seems like the floating floor should work. Basically like they did over the concrete floor. The whole floor will expand not the individual pieces, because they're glued together. Just need some space by the edge, which you can cover with molding.
Just my opinion, I haven't done it.
We have the fake wood flooring in our master bedroom at home... and it looks fake. If you like that look, go ahead and use it. I would just put down something like linoleum flooring.
Hi LJ,

If price is of no concern you might consider cork laminate. I put it in my basement office, directly over the concrete, and it adds enough insulation to make the floor very comfortable. The natural cushion effect is also very nice. It's easy to install and to keep clean, and you can re-varnish it if many years later you feel that the lustre is gone.

Here's a link:
I have thought of doing the same in my 2000 Allegro, though so far have chickened out from trying. That being said, hands down what I would use because of what appears to be ease of installation over laminates or peel and stick is a wood look product called Allure. 2.99 a square foot. Very practical for RV use because it is waterproof, including at the seems. Looks as good as most laminates, comes in 4ft strips with glue strips that you align and press. Everytime I go into Home Depot I look at it and think "go head, give it a shot". Check it out.
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