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Full Version: Yellowstone & Teton campsites
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Any information on campsites south of Yellowstone. We are looking for something close to Yellowstone as we will be traveling from our campsite by motorcycle each day to tour the surrounding sites.
Just a couple suggestions. We stayed at Flagg Ranch just a couple miles south of the south entrance to Yellowstone. We then toured Tetons and Yellowstone in car. It was a great location. It is like camping in the forest. All dirt, lots of trees, rather private. We were one of the only rigs in there in July, if you can believe that. Full hookups (30 amp). Worked out very well for us. Another good spot is Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone. Not a good location for Tetons, but a nice motorcycle ride to get there.
We have stayed at the Coulter Bay RV Park...beautiful place on Jackson Lake. biggrin.gif
We stayed at both Flagg Ranch and Fishing Bridge around Labor Day.

IMHO Flagg Ranch was quiet, rustic and convienient to the southern half of Yellowstone and to the Tetons. Their gas prices were reasonable and the food at the lodge was OK.

Fishing Bridge gets a bad rap from some because it's so tight but we found it to be OK and the central location is great for touring the park.
Coulter Bay...? Is it really that nice ? We have tentative reservations for July 2005. We are a family of four with two kids with our traveling companions of two small dogs. Not alot of information on this location. AAA doesn't have a rating for the place either. Is this an a old campground ? The little information that I have heard is that the lake is all dried up ? We have a 30' 5ver and we are looking for a upper scale place to camp at in the Teton area. Hopefully with a great view of the Tetons. Does anyone believe that this campground will meet our expectations ? Or does anyone know of a place that will meet our expectations ? Well kept, clean, good roads, good amenities, family and Pet friendly with easy access.

Thank you

If you are looking for an upscale, very convenient park, right near one of the entrances, you can't do better than Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park, in West Yellowstone (Montana). This is one of the best parks we've every been to, and we highly recommend it. Just take a look at the reports of other RVer's on this website under West Yellowstone, Montana.
Travelin Rose
I agree that the Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park is one of the best. We highly recommend it also.
John Blue

We also like Grizzy RV Park. Park was great and people working in park were very nice to help you. Sites at Fishing Bridge are so small it would be hard to get in and out of site. Did not look to good to me. Flagg Ranch Village is south of park and would be a good spot to visit Grand Teton Park from. TL book and web site said sites are 20 amps only. One post here said sites now 30 amps. Note also rates are on the high side. Park is also 2 miles outside Yellowstone Park. Sad to say number of parks around Yellowstone are thin at best. By use of your bikes you can ride anyplace in park from Grizzy.
We stayed at Coulter Bay on the RV side there is also a primitive camping side - you do not see the lake from campsites but they are very wooded and it is a short walk where there is a place to picnic and see the view of the mountains - it is more of a campground than a KOA type RV park but as far as campgrounds go - I would rate this as one of the top ones with full hookups - they had a computer in the lodge that I was able to check email - (before Wifi) but you had to pay to take a shower - and the cost per night was $40 plus but I would stay there again.
Coulter Bay RV GC you have to pay for the showers and they still charge 40+ a night ? Does this park really deserve my attention ? I'm gathering some doubts. unsure.gif This is so hard to make a decision on places you had never visited before.

Has anyone visited Teton Village KOA or Grand Teton Park Resort ? huh.gif
Big Ben
Have stayed at Grand Teton RV Resort several times in the last 10 years. It is barley adequate as a camp ground but has the best view of any of the parks around and beleive it is the only full hook up with 50amp .
If you have a large coach stay away from Fishing Bridge. Despite reservations many months in advance we had a lot of trouble finding a spot that would accomodate our 38 footer. Also, consider the lack of amenities if you are staying for awhile, no tv, radio, cell phone. The good news is that without any hassle they will give you a refund for any days you decide not stay.

As for location convenience, you will need to check the NPS website to learn where summer road construction will be taking place. This can have a major impact on where you will want to stay. As for Fishing Bridge convenience because it is centrally located, this can be deceiving. We now believe that West Yellowstone is actually more convenient in terms of driving less miles to see the major attractions and has many of the added conveniences we come to expect.
we stayed at Mammoth last year.....good sites...not that crowded.....beautiful views..located inside of park entrance ....
We stayed at Madison campground in Yellowstone and had a wonderful experience.The sites are large enough for most any rig and quiet. Our last night we had a buffalo stampede through our campsite which was thrilling to say the least. We highly recommend this campground..... biggrin.gif
Yellowstone Grizzly Park is one of the nicest parks you will ever stay in as parks go.

I give it a 10... on all counts.
Big Ben
[quote=Bonnie,Jul 5 2003, 07:21 AM] Any information on campsites south of Yellowstone. [/quote]
[/QUOTE]Any information on campsites south of Yellowstone.

I think the key word was SOUTH of Yellowstone.I know every one wants to share their enthusiasm for Grizzly but it is kind of rolleyes.gif North west of the park. rolleyes.gif
I don't have to worry about this either...because I leave my laptop at home where it belongs when I'm going fact that's one of the reasons why I go escape the computers, phones, tv's, dvd's, cd's, etc...!!! biggrin.gif


I can't help but wonder how you do your banking when away from home for extended trips. We were away for 81 days this summer 2005, and the only way I would do my banking was with a secure phone line connection with a modem hookup in the store or laundry facility usually. If I had a WI FI hookup on my laptop I would only surf the net but never do banking as it seems to me to be asking for problems from hackers. With that said I don't think it is too much to ask for a phone line in the camp office, store, or laundry area for a local call and connection to the internet. I would prefer it to a WIFI setup anyday! When there was no connection at the campground I would go to a local library and access the internet there and we did this on many occasions going across the USA.
I would not be concerned about the safety of doing your banking via the internet and using wi-fi or land lines. We travel six or seven months out of the year and have a DataStorm dish on top of our motorhome and do all of our banking either through it or through wi-fi, sometimes using landlines when neither of these two are available. The encryption banks now have, plus all the safeguards, make it highly unlikely someone can compromise your electronic banking. At the same time, you should be aware that nothing you do on the internet is totally safe. There are always hackers one step ahead of the system, but most banks guarantee the safety of their internet banking systems. It is, however, extremely unlikely you will have a problem.
I have stayed at Flagg Ranch in July of 2001 and 2004 and as I remember it only has 20 amp service. However we never had a problem. If we used the A/C we never had a problem. I just can't remember if we needed it. I like the location and setting. It is a campground as compared to an RV Park, but for us, this is our preference. In 2001 we had a group that was large enough to use about 10 sites. We had everything from 1 motorhome, several trailers, 1 or 2 pop-up's and several tents.
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