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Salt & Pepper Adventures
Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to invite you all to follow us on our great adventure - two former software executives traveling North America and Europe in our 19' Airstream with two terriers.

Please join us! Plus, we'd love to hear some lesson learned about full timing - this is our first trailer and we've now been in it for three months straight!
Twitter: @sltandppr

Sounds like a great adventure. Is that an Airedale? We have a wonderful female Airedale who has loved to travel with us in RVs since she was a puppy. We got her in the kennel in San Marcos. Since you are from Laguna perhaps you did too.

We do not full time. I think I am more of a Recreational Vehicle fixer than user. I have fixed up and sold a Herreshoff Cat Ketch 45'. Then a 1975 GMC motor home. Spent 4 years on the GMC and three times what I paid for it and then sold it as I was done. I have been fixing up our latest one for two years and now am done with it. But we do intend to spend several months in our motor home this year. Maybe 9 weeks total last year.

You have a nice versatile rig. We have a huge motor home which is extremely comfortable when parked. It is actually a lot of fun to drive too. Not so fun to fit in small spaces. But it is now paid for and we have what we have.

I glanced through your blog. You should expand the description of the RV parks you are staying in. Not that you should try to do what this great site has done, but you could put in a bunch of pictures so you get a feel of what the park is like. There is another blog called "wheeling it" and they do that and it is a really great way to get an idea of what the park is like.

Affinity 42'
Salt & Pepper Adventures
Hi Bob, thanks for the suggestion vis a vis more RV park descriptions. I'll do that - the blog started out just for family, but we are getting quite a few followers who have other needs--which is what we need.

We have two dogs, one Irish Terrier and one Wire Fox Terrier - both get mistaken for Airdales all the time. Love Airdales! When/if we ever stop doing this full time we'll be getting an Airdale for sure.

Missing Southern CA's nice warm weather a bit now -- it was 17 this morning in the mountains of B.C. but we are off to cross-country ski in the gorgeous sunshine!

Kit - it was a bit below freezing this morning in jamul ca. But sunny and up to about 65 in the afternoon. I love the north west, but we usually go in the summer. Your rig is really well set up for snow. I loved the pictures up at big bear with snow covering you airstream. We have a big class a and I am not enthusiastic about driving it in the snow.

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