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Full Version: Blueflex Mattress Toppers
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We've been in our Class B now for several months, and have decided to pull the trigger on getting a foam mattress topper. My wife has mentioned that she usually retains heat on the pad while sleeping on the ones she's tried. I read about how one claims it won't do that, Blueflex. Ok, so these things are pricey, and expensive to return due to their weight if you order (assuming they are returnable). If anyone has one of these, I have a few questions:

1) Do they really not retain too much heat ?
2) Are they too cold to use in the winter ?
3) Apparently they have a odor - is it offensive to those of you that abhor scented fabric softener ?

Thanks, uh I say, Thanks for your opinions.
Don't know about Blueflex, but we got fed up with the back aches with the factory installed mattress we had in the trailer. Asked a lot of questions to other Rv'ers we met and ended up buying a topper to try. Got tired of chasing that thing all over the mattress. Tried to secure it but to no avail. Ended up buying Bed in a Box unit cut to fit. LOVE it!! No more tired backs, no odor with the foam, and I give off a lot of heat, according to my wife, and never sweat when sleeping now. We purchased a home last year and ordered a Bed in a Box for the house, also got some friends to order and they also are happy with the new mattress. Bed in a Box also will take it back should you be unhappy, but I think most everyone keeps them.
I'll have to think about that, weighit. One of the conditions my wife has on the solution is that we have to be able to use our electric couch, which is an integral part of the sleeping surface. 'Course, I suppose I could cut the part that would stay on the ottoman away from the part that would be on the couch once it was flat. Hmmmm.... let me think on it a bit. Thanks for the potential solution.

Any other suggestions out there, or Blueflex users ?
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