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Hi all,

Camp Club USA and Passport America appear to have amalgamated, and only the Passport USA web site is still active.

Passport Usa
That's corrrect. I got a notification from Camp Club a few weeks ago of the merge. They shared most of the same parks anyway, but Passport America still had more overall. One less card to carry!
RV Camper
It was not a merger but Affinity gave up on the attempt to take over that market and sold off the membership to Passport.
Florida Native
We have overlapping memberships to both. I guess that means we will just get the shaft. I should get an extension of my PPA by the length of time remaining on my CCA. For all the money they have saved me, I guess I will be happy with what I have saved to date.
Lindsay - just curious...
what did they do for you?
Florida Native
They gave me the extension and I was happy. Unfortunately, due to my recent heart surgery, I won't be camping for a while. I have touted them many time on forum and love the savings. I guess it is easier that the two companies are together now. I love the smart phone app too.
I noticed last time I was in Camping World that Passport America memberships were for sale and Good Sam members could get substantial savings at these PA parks as well. With Good Sam membership cards now taking over the Presidents Club card savings at Camping World wonder how long it will be before I won't need my Passport America card as well. rolleyes.gif
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