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Full Version: Camping In Clearwater Florida Area
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Hi everyone

I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas! We are on the countdown now for leaving for our trip south. We head out Jan 3, will stay overnight in New Brunswick as we drop our daughter off at university then head to Florida. We are booked to work the Tampa RV SuperShow Jan 10-15 so will be staying at the StateFair Park for that week then will be heading out to tour.

We haven't got any definite plans on where we want to go yet but do know that Mid February to Mid March we want to be in the Clearwater area (within an hour). We are now thinking we would like to find a park that has a bit longer term availability (upwards to a month) and also has sites that have Florida rooms on them. Not even sure if this is a possibility. I know in Texas there are some parks that people rent out their lots for trailers and the lot has another room already on it.

Now that family knows we are travelling all of a sudden they think it's a great idea to head south for a week!!! lol and as much as I love them I think the trailer would get very small very quickly so am looking for alternatives.

Any suggestions, hints or names of campgrounds that might be able to accommodate me would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks so much!
Hi Trish,

How about using a tent for the "over flow" folks?

Some one else may have to advise you on whether that is safe in Florida.
John Blue
Fort De Soto Park in Tierra Verde, FL is about as close as you can get to St. Peter. Park has a 14 day limit and can be hard to get into at times. Website below for more information. St. Peter is safe for the most part but stay out of the south side of city at night. Day time you will be safe anyplace. Great place to visit. Very nice park as well.

You may wish to look at Roberts MH & RV Resort as well.
I have not been in this park but owners have been in business a long time now. smile.gif

Thanks for the input. I'm actually getting a little nervous now - I'm thinking there might not be too many choices when we get there. We have a number of friends who "snowbird" in Florida so have sent off emails to them for input. Worse case scenario we have company in our trailer for a week and live with it!!!:)

We leave in less then a week!!!! ACK!!! lol
What I have learned so far - there are "campgrounds" and "RV Parks" ... RV parks are geared towards monthly visits, a lot of mobile homes with select overnight camp sites (that are again geared towards monthly visits)...we've lucked out a bit - a week at Tampa State Fairgrounds while we were working the show (were any of you there?...we were the Nova Scotia Booth!!!), a week in Port Richey at a great little park Jasmine Lake - two weeks in Zephyrillis, booked a site through a deeded park from the owner - not sure how that is going to go but we will see. Three weeks in March at a park in Clearwater, Lee's Travel Park and we are looking for some places towards Bonita Springs in February - hopefully we can get a state park for a few nights. We are trying to book a week at a time but a lot of places do not want to book out just for a week. I even had one park mention it was "over 55 only" (I'm not over 55 but husband is). LOL never been discriminated that way before!!

It's been a learning experience so far but we are loving every minute - meeting some great people, enjoying the Florida sunshine and looking forward to tomorrow every night! It cannot get any better!

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