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Morning everyone, another newbie joins the growing group. I was wondering if anyone could give me some reviews on Rexhall Vision coaches. Looking at the possibility of purchasing one but have not heard of the brand before and am a little concerned that I might be buying something low end that is going to cause me nothing but grief.

Hope to hear from you soon.
John S.
You might be better served asking this on rather than here. This is about campgrounds and has a class A forum where you will get the usual people saying they own it and it is great and they own it and it is poor. I do know that many dealers have stopped carring them since they stumbled in announcing their whole side slide. Hope it helps.

John S.
Foretravel U270
We have a 1997 Rexhall and love it. The company is having stock value problems, but that doesn't affect the quality of their older coaches.
We have a 1989 Rexhall Airex 31' motorhome, been living in it for 6 months.
Am now looking for a 35-38' Class A, and note some good things about our old unit:
* it has a 72" jack-knife sofa, still really comfortable, and we're able to lie on it and watch tv. can't find a single new unit with a 72" sofa and booth dining.
* booth dining has a "loose" one-legged stand and so it can be moved back and forth along it's slider, so if my guy wants more room for all his stuff he has on the table, then we can move the table back when both of us sit down to dine.
* it has wooden blinds on the windows, which we like, and haven't seen on any models we've looked at. hear that the day/night blinds are a nuisance and break easily.
* has a splash shield on the edge of the kitchen counter. i feel better quality RVs have them.
now the bad things:
^ it has leak stains on the ceiling front and back, but since we've owned it it's only leaked when the vent cover blows off.
^ door latch is broken, and can't be replaced. we use a pair of pliers to get in now. we will be replacing it with a regular doorknob soon.
^ horrible exterior paint finish, but it probably hasn't been cared for for years.

If there were any newer Rexhall RVs available to look at to buy, I'd consider it.
Hello Bccoach and welcome! cool.gif Another fine forum with a tad more folks to comment is Once you enter Class A section, then drill down into the various manufactures/brands. Like this site, they are kind and informative without flames and drama.
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