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Full Version: Phoenix Area Rv Parks Or Campgrounds
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Hi. I am looking for suggestions on Phoenix area RV parks and campgrounds.
In mid-May we will be going to Phoenix for a nursing conference that my wife will be attending. The conference is in the downtown area and we will take our travel trailer for additional (vacation) travels after the conference. I expect that I will drop my wife off at the conference in the mornings, go for a hike with the pup (dog), and then head back to the trailer for a couple hours before picking my wife up in the late afternoon. We donít tend to stay in RV parks but for this part of our trip, I suspect it might be our best option as I want to be reasonably close to the conference and might need to run the air conditioning some that time of year. Additionally, access to a pool in the afternoons would be nice (but not necessary). No TV or internet access is needed. We will be in Phoenix for three or four nights before continuing on with the vacation part of our travels.
I have read through the reviews several times, but still donít have a good feel for which parks would be the best choice for us. Thank you for any suggestions you might have.
Safe Travels,
John Blue

I worked out of this city for a long time. Phoenix is full of poor park near downtown. A couple we have used worked out well. I-17 exit 216 Desert's Edge RV Village has everything you ask for and more. Places to eat out and shop near by. Owner is a very nice lady and place is clean, park is family owned, pool is indoors, places to walk or run inside and outside park, work out room, good Wi-Fi and cable if I remember right. Next to I-17 but large wall stops the road noise. Small air port (Phoenix Deer Valley) south of park but do not remember any problems due to this.

On out I-17 north exit 242 you have Lake Pleasant Regional Park on a large dam/lake. This place is nice as well. Lots of boats and fishing people here. Super size place to run around. Only down side is, not a lot around this place or was not on my last trip out years ago. May be more now. Google earth will show you more on what is around here.

Stay out of the parks downtown on I-17, not good.

I agree on the air conditioning. Last time I was there was mid summer--and it was 117 F.

Temperatures in mid May last year were between 60 F and 101 F.
Thank you both for the suggestion.
Sure don't like those hot temperatures. Guess we'll just have to see how the spring goes down there.
Desert Edge looks like a nice park but it is a bit more expensive ($46.00 / night) than I am interested in. And Lake Pleasant is too far out for two round trips into town a day. But i'll figure something out. Thanks again for trying.

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