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I submitted my first review on Feb 21, but it has not been posted nor has anyone contacted me regarding it. Can anyone tell me why and what I need to do now?
Sorry you are having trouble.

First, our rules state that members must submit 3 reviews before any of them will be posted. However, those that are submitted are kept in a holding file until all three have been submitted. We have searched that file, but we cannot find any reviews that have been submitted under your username. Is it possible you used a different name?

Also information is sometimes left out of a review and the system will not accept it. If this happens, the reviewer should get a message explaining what is missing so that he can correct it. If the system accepts the review, the reviewer will get a "Thank You" screen that tells them their review has been accepted. Do you remember if you got a thank you screen? If not, we did not get your review.

I cannot tell you for sure why we did not get your review, but you are welcome to send it again. If you have more trouble, please let us know.
An admin found your reviews, and they are posted. They were submitted under a different user name, and that is why I could not locate them. If you have any other trouble finding them, please let us know.
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