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Full Version: Lake San Marino Florida
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We are booked into Lake San Marino (Sun communities resort) in Naples Florida for Jan/Feb/March. I've searched the web until I'm blue and can't find anyone who has stayed there. It is at 1000 Wiggins Pass Road, and according to the brochure is close to Vanderbilt beach.

I'm beginning to panic about this place - any info would be appreciated.
Just surfing around, not really interested in this board, when I saw your question about Lake San Marino. I guess I'm the one you have been looking for. We have spent many weeks at this campground, stopping every winter for two weeks as we worked our way around the Florida coast. Now we have settled in to some other spots and haven't been there for a few years. But I'm sure things haven't changed much since we were regulars there. You will be perfectly comfortable staying there. A clue to the kind of place it is is the sign as you enter "Caution, Grandparents at Play". This is definitely an old timers' place, but friendly and well managed. Clean and organized. They have a very full schedule of activities, shuffleboard tournaments, bike rides, parades, ice cream socials, bingo, water aerobics, fashion shows. Anything you want. A very small pool, but nice and warm and great for exercises. There's a computer station where you can check e-mail if you travel with a lap top. We loved Wiggins Pass State Park, just a few miles away. But it was beginning to get very crowded and we gave up going there on weekends. But during the week, if you get there early, it's a great place to spend the day. Beautiful, unspoiled beach and some fishing spots. Not much catching, but lots of fishing. It is far enough north of Naples that the traffic is not too annoying, but getting that way. A trip to downtown Naples will try your patience. Bonita Springs to the North is up and coming. The Flea Market there is fun. Also there is a local orange grove good for fresh juice and grapefruit. We never had a problem filling our days. I hope you will enjoy. If you want more details, e-mail me and I will continue the conversation with you. ckrehjoy
Thank you so much for the info. I've e-mailed you.
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