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Full Version: Wifi On The Road?
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John WD Smith
Does anyone have suggestions for the best wifi to use in campsites and on the road-Verizon/Virgin etc?
Best is too broad a term. Depending on your connectivity needs and where you travel some options may be better than others. Campground WiFi or WiFi from commercial establishments like McDonald's or Starbucks might fit your need. If you need connection everywhere a satellite system may be your only option. Most(?) of us use cell technology from one or more suppliers either with a wireless router or a hot spot.

We personally have smart phones and hot spot from Sprint, Verizon MiFi and Blackberry, and some ATT devices. In general, Verizon, for us has had better data and voice west of the Mississippi. Sprint seems to have slightly better data east (more areas with faster speeds) with Sprint and Verizon about equal for voice. ATT has been pretty useless to us once we leave the area of major cities. There are areas, however, where one supplier or another may be your only choice (areas of rural central IN your only choice is ATT), and there are areas with no coverage from anyone. There are also resellers of data bandwidth like Millecon that use Verizon or Sprint networks and sell time at a lower cost.

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