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I am spending January through April in Vegas and I wanted to know if anyone knew of a nice/safe campground that would be good to "snowbird" at. I want someplace safe more than anything else. I can stand a little road or jet noise. I only need enough room to put my slide out and I am happy. Safety is most important. I just need to be withiin 1/2 hour of downtown. Thanks everyone for your input.
The Silverton and the Oasis both are good extended stay spots, very close to downtown and under the airport path. Have not stayed at either one but will be this year at the Oasis for the first time. I've read that traffic can be a problem sometimes and the noise can as well. We'll see.

Boulder Hwy has a number of rv parks. Best of them for extended stay would be the Las Vegas International Resort. It's quiet except for weekends if anything is going on at the stadium behind the property. It's new and adult/business oriented.
He is tailoring it to the traveling business person. No trees, but all paved. The back in sites around the periphery are too tight for my liking. Better to get the pull thrus in the centers. Bathhouses, laundry spotless and modern. Clubhouse very nice. Russell Road feeds right up to 515/95 so you have easy access to the road system to get just about anywhere quickly. We would stay there again, but we are a traveling family and he recently decided to be adult only for long term stays.
We are @ the Oasis right now for 4 mo. It is probably the best in Vegas. There are quite a few permanent people here, but the mix is pretty good. There is 24/7 security at the entrance, so I would say it is very good safety wise. There are a lot of amenities if you are looking for activities. The down side is airplane noise & freeway noise. Any questions, let me know.
There is an Outdoor Resorts Park here in Las Vegas. It is by far the nicest park in the area BUT, it is very expensive and they only allow motorhomes in excess of 32 feet. If you can afford it, this is the place to stay, otherwise try the Siverton or LV International, depending on what side of town you want to be on.

I have stayed at both the Oasis and International.

I find International to be quit and very well maintained. They have a small pool and do have some activities.

Oasis is larger and has a very nice pool and seems to have more activities going.

I think these are probibly the two best for any extened stay.

If you are willing to pay for it, Outdoor Resorts is, by far, the best in Vegas. You'll lose far more at the tables than the extra few bucks that Outdoor Resorts costs! biggrin.gif
John Blue
Like Beastdriver I would vote for Outdoor Resorts also. If you have a class A it is the place to go. Vegas needs more good RV parks. We have looked at a lot of parks in Vegas and most are parking lots with hookups and not to good. You would think Casino people would pick up on this item due to number of people who travel by RV.
Thank you everyone for your input. I think I am going to go with the Oasis. I think it is the best for the money. I do not have a CLASS A, So I would probably just be "trailer trash" at the Outdoor Resort. biggrin.gif (LOL). Thanks Again.
We are at Las Vegas International right now and it is $400.00 per month. Oasis is $700.00 per month. Quieter over here, close to freeways and shopping so I vote for LVI. We have stayed at Oasis and unless you get the very nice pull through sites (and I have no idea how much they would be) you end up looking at the butt end of the unit in front of you as they have one long spot with 2 units in it. Plus take off noise from the airport gets on my nerves real fast. Happy stay.
I agree with Carly. Have stayed at Las Vegas International 3 times now and it is a modern, quiet and safe park. Management friendly and very helpful. Get a pull - thru site as back ins may be too tight for a big rig. Just off Boulder Hwy on Russell Road; easy access to just about everything. Clean modern washrooms, all are private. Only downside for me - no cable tv.
Big Ben
This might stretch your distance a little but if you want really safe and very quite try Boulder Oaks in Boulder City. We always stay in Boulder City or at the Trailer Village right at Lake Mead.
Cheryl Fuller
We stayed at the Oasis for a week in April. I would defintely stay there again. Have to go thru a security gate to enter and I saw the security vehicles cruising thru the park on a continuous basis, so I think it is a very safe park. Has a shuttle bus to the strip. You do hear airport noise, but after the first day or so, we must have become immune to it because I didn't notice it after that. We did have a deluxe pull thru site and I would certainly recommend that.
We went with the oasis and loved every minute of it. I was really sad to leave there. I had a great site that was a back-in but had a large wall behind it and a couple of big trees. It was very convenient to everything and I would suggest it to anyone. Thanks for everyones input.
Cheryl Fuller
Easyrider - glad you enjoyed your trip. I know other parks in Vegas got good reviews too, but for my husband and I, it will always be the Oasis. I really liked the added security that the park seemed to provide.
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