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Full Version: Suggestions For Rv Insurance
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New user. Would appreciate suggestions from people who are happy with reasonable and good rv insurance. Thanks
Michael Kibler
QUOTE(Narivella @ Apr 5 2012, 12:02 PM) *

New user. Would appreciate suggestions from people who are happy with reasonable and good rv insurance. Thanks

When we purchased our Pace Arrow in 2004, we went to our Allstate Agent. He said that he had a motorhome also and that Allstate did not have a good RV policy at the time, but that National Interstate did have a good one. So we took his advise and obtained a policy from them. That was 8 years ago and we are still with them. Their rates have been very competitive as we have checked from time to time when we get some promotional request to obtain a quote.
Our source is Poliseek AIS Insurance Solutions @ 866-500-7335.
Lots of RV folks swear by the Good Sam insurance. Also, Progressive (as well as Good Sam) are one of the few that write GOOD policies for RV. Especially if you are going to full-time. I'm a full-timer and have been using Progressive. However, one little "gripe" I have with Progressive is that if you are a full-timer, and you own a piece of property, they won't insure that property with your RV. Hard to find an insurance agency that will insure an unimproved piece of property.

Progressive gave us a rate for our motorhome that was a bit less than half the rate quoted by Allstate for the same coverage. Like JJ's experience though, Progressive would not insure our home base cottage, because it was just under their 700 sq. ft. minimum. Since Progressive's quote on our two cars was virtually the same as Allstate's, and Allstate would insure our cottage as a package deal, they got that part of our coverage.

We have had National Interstate on our motor home since 2005. At that time, I solicited quotes from several companies, including Progressive, and National Interstate beat them all. I needed a company that provided fulltimers liability insurance, which rules out most auto insurance companies.

Keep in mind that the company with the lowest rates in my Zip code may have the highest rates in your area, so donˈt rely on the reports of others to locate the best deal.

We have had three at-fault claims with them. Each was for several thousand dollars in body work. They have never raised our rates. Our rates have actually gone down as the motor home depreciates over the years.

We use the Explorer RV insurance agency. They have provided excellent customer service.
We orininally insured our home and autos with State Farm. When we purchased a motorhome, we naturally picked State Farm. After about a year we decided to shop around. The GMAC Good Sam policy is the one we settled on, primarily because of the reduced premium when the motorhome is in storage. (liability is dropped for that period of time), and although slightly more money than State Farm, the overall coverage and features seemed much better.

If you add your autos to the Good Sam policy you get a multi car discount, for us making the whole package cheaper than State Farm. However you will lose your multi policy discount on your homeowners insurance. The problem for us is that GMAC has decided not insure homes in our county in Texas, So we had to move our outos back to State Farm, and lose the discount on the GMAC RV policy. So even though we are paying a little more because we lost the multi discounts we stuck with GMAC for the RV because the policy was much better.
Florida Native
One important factor in selecting an insurance company is how they actually handle a claim. Anybody can take your money, but you need a company that will fix your RV when an accident happens. We have had Good Sam (GMAC) for about a decade and had several claims. They have been very good even though they were my fault. (Hard to blame an electrical box or picnic table). I have Geico on my other vehicles and they have done a great job on claims there also. They do not handle RV's. Give all your info on all your vehicles to these two and to Progressive and see what they will charge. Seek out info on claim experience from Interstate National.
If you qualify for USAA (if any member of your family is/was military) you can call them and see if you qualify. We have had them for years and are very happy with wife and I are both retired USAF.
We have allstate for all cars, home and motorhome. A few months ago, I compared our rate to a motorhome specific rate advertised in the FMCA magazine, and our current rate was cheaper. Allstate was also good about replacing some glass after some vandalism. If we ever purchase a newer rig, or go full time, I would compare rates again.
Bud in Florida
We have had Geico for a couple of years and have been very happy with them. I had one claim and they took care of it and did not raise my rates. They were cheaper than Progressive. Their customer service even helped me when I blew a tire on my tow dolly that was not covered by the policy. She found me a tow company, contacted them and made sure I was taken care of before hanging up. That was good customer service.
USAA does not write RV or boat insurance anymore. They will refer you over to Progressive. With that said, Progressive has my RV and boat. knock on wood but I have not had an RV claim but two years ago my boat was hit by another boat (no one was hurt, the other guys fault) but progressive was at my house within 2 weeks with a check and I signed the title over. Very happy with Progressive.
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