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Full Version: Needlesnational Park?
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Jerry S
I just read a review (the first) for Squaw Flat Campground in "Needles National Park", Utah. This looks like a mistake I might make. Unless this is a new park designation, I don't believe there is a "Needles National Park". There is a Needles Overlook just east of Canyonlands National Park and a the south section of that park has a Squaw Flat Campground.

The admin folks may want to change the location listing for this review to Canyonlands. National Park. OOPS! I didn't even check to see if there was already a listing for Canyonlands National Park.

ADDENDUM: I just checked the Utah listings and there is a Listing for Canyonland, but not Canyonlands National Park. It shows 2 reviews for a campground at Needles Overlook.
Speaking of mistakes: I just noticed that I commited a typo and did not leave a space between "Needles" and "national" in the Topic line of this thread. Too err is human, so what's my excuse.
Thanks. We're already on this one. You will see that Canyonland has already been changed to Canyonlands National Park. However, moving the listing for Squaw Flats may take a little longer as that is a bit more complicated and requires upper level admin attention. Our listing for all the national parks need some checking and revision, and we will correct them as time allows. In the meantime, keep pointing out the things that you see wrong.
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