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tony s
Just wondering what products most people would like to see in a general store at a rv park?
We just don't ever buy things at campground stores. Maybe if we really needed something and could not get to a Walmart or grocery store, we might buy it at the campground store, but there is no way to know ahead of time what that might be.
John Blue
We never buy anything as well. We travel with everything you can think of and restock in large stores with better prices. smile.gif
We don't carry much in our store other than a few RV supplies. We do, on occasion, have people want ice, sodas, water and ice cream.
Free Beer
Florida Native
We too rarely buy anything at a campground store unless something breaks. I carry a good supply of spares also. Things like extra light bulbs, fittings, windshield washer fluid, batteries, ETC are almost always bought at bigger stores. The free beer is a great choice though.
I have bought things at campground stores, but try to avoid them due to the much higher cost. I would recommend first looking at things that won't spoil such as rv supplies, toilet paper, hoses and such. These may sit on the shelf for a while, but someone will need them someday. Just watch out for things that may be replaced by technology such as maps (replaced by gps) and coaxial cable (replaced by wi-fi and intrnet).

Next thing would be perishable food. Very tricky category because you never know what people will want. I would start small with a few items and see what you customers ask for. On the trip we're on right now, we bought Orange juice at the store since we ran out.

Some things that might be useful would be cooking utensils, laundry soap, and maybe even towels.
Kids love to be able to go the store and get popsicles, ice cream and candy bars, chips, etc. Some of the basics like milk and bread are good too.
QUOTE(tony s @ Jun 7 2012, 03:04 AM) *

Just wondering what products most people would like to see in a general store at a rv park?

Anything WMarts carries is fine
Over the years, I have been eternally thankful to find the following at various campground stores:
-an inexpensive sewer hose and radiator clamps,
-insect repellant,
-toothbrush and paste,
-ice cream bars,
I basically agree with FosterImposter's list, although beer can be a problematic due to licensing issues and the character of your campground. If you're running a campground that caters to families with small children, etc., then you might stock a few children's items that a seniors oriented park would not need. Sunscreen, maybe a few beach toys if you have beach/water access, that sort of thing. Start with the basics, and then keep a list of what people are asking for that you don't have. Avoid items that spoil relatively quickly.
QUOTE(HappiestCamper @ Jun 8 2012, 12:46 PM) *

Free Beer

ROTF.. that would work but not very profitable.

We worked art Rancheros De Santa Fe in Santa Fe NM a few years ago and they had a nice store. They sold T-shirts and some snacks and a few RV supplies but mostly souvenier type stuff. You might look them up on here and e-mail Tom or Lisa ( I think that was his wifes name ) and ask them what they stock. Santa Fe is mainly a high volume tourist area so that also would have an influence.
I have yet to visit a campground store that had anything I really needed that I couldn't buy someplace close for a far better price. However, the ice cream and soda's are always a hit, simply because it's just something you do when you are out having fun (camping). For me, it would hinge on finding a vendor that can supply your store with quality items for a fair price...something that doesn't make you ask me to hold up my hands when I pay just so you feel better...LOL!
A lot depends on the location of the park. If it is miles away from anywhere, a bigger selection of food/perishables etc would be a good decision. If there is a supermarket or a convenience store in walking distance, don't try to compete. Sodas, candy, ice cream, 1lb propane bottles, simple souvenirs like t-shirts and hats and locally made gifts usually attract attention. Have some cheap things that kids can buy with the $1.00 or so they have that is burning a hole in their pockets. Water hoses, sewer hose, coax cable, can opener, cork screws are all important items that sometime fail or end up missing in an RV and need immediate replacement.
Frank Rader
These are some items I bought in camp stores the past 30 days.
teflon plumbing tape (for tight water connections)
ice cream
marsh mellows
pancake mix
bar soap
local breads, jams

For groceries we stop at local grocery stores.

Early AM coffee on the travel days...


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Gayle E.
We needed Pepto Bismol recently. The campground didn't carry much of anything due to space issues. I didn't want to drive the 3 miles to town, but did, although I would've gladly paid more at the cg. OTC medicinal items like this could easily go out of date, so not sure it would be worth stocking. It's too hard to predict what any one person will need.
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