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Full Version: STEEP GRADE
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Has anyone attempted to go up a 25% grade in their 40 ft. motorhome? We have reservations at Amicolola Falls for Thanksgiving but are second guessing the one mile or so to get to the campground. The road is a paved 25% grade. Any suggestions??? Thanks
Were headed to Unicoi on the 22nd so Ill be interested in any responses you get.
I'm disappointed no one has offered any input about the 25% grade. We think we will probably change our reservations if we can find availability elsewhere. Happy Camping!!! dry.gif
John S.
I went up a steep grade to get into a campground in the mountains of PA. I can't say if it was 25 degrees but I went up in first gear and at 5 mph max with the accelerator floored. I have a 350 cummins and a 34 foot Foretravel. I don't see you type of rig but you should be able to get up slowly. COming down was not much fun though.

John S.
John Blue

I would never pull a 25% grade in a motorhome, you could damage engine or drive train. As John said what a fun thing to travel back down. We have pulled a 25% grade out west in our Honda and that was hard with only a 4100 lbs car.
Mr. Camper
I don't know what the grade is for those parks. We were there this past summer and I drive a Dodge 2500 TD and tow a 31' TT. We had no problems. Amicolola was great, so was Unicoi and so was Black Rock Mountain. The only problem was the sharp turns at Black Rock Mtn. That was a bit hairy at times because I had to swing wide and worried that I might meet someone coming down. My wife walked ahead on a few bad ones and let me know on our 2-way. Leaving is always more difficult but thats what engine compression and lower gears are for. Good luck and enjoy your trip.
We made it up and down just fine. It is very steep, biggrin.gif but only about a mile. The campground has been totally remodeled to accomodate bigger RV's and is very nice - probably the nicest of all GA. state parks that we've been to so far (been to about 15 of 40). It was very cold Thanksgiving weekend so we did not get to take full advantage of the beautiful surroundings. We definitely plan to return.
Mr. Camper
I pull my 31' TT with a 2500 TD and it took the grade with no problems. Same for Black Rock Mountain. That was a nailbiter because I had to swing wide on right turns and my co-pilot walked ahead to check for a clear road.
How was Black Rock Mountain? We saw the sign on our way to Amicolola Falls. We love GA state parks - Have camped at 12 now and hoping to try them all. rolleyes.gif
Mr. Camper
We had a great time at Black Rock Mtn. SP. It was 10 degrees cooler up the mountain. Some sites looked like they'd require you to get in while the trees were acorns but we had a good one. Both the Mrs. and I agree that outside of the FLAUSA state parks we love to camp at and our own county park (Fort DeSoto) BRMSP is the best in the eastern USA. If you are sure of your vehicle and your maneuvering skills you won't have any trouble getting up the mountain and on your site.
I stayed at the lodge on top of the hill and loved it. I believe the campground is at the base of the hill, I didn't see any motorhomes up top. Steep hill, beautiful country.
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