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Full Version: Route 83 S.dakota To San Antonio,tx.
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Hi..on the way back from out west this year we are looking at taking 83 instead of the interstate to visit family in Houston. I am interested in anyone with experience on this route to let me know what it's like and is it doable. We have a 35 ft. motorhome and tow a Jeep. Are there lots of towns ,any gas stations,the road condition etc. Thanks so much.
We have driven Hwy 83 from I-80 in Nebraska to Junction, TX, in a 37 ft MH with Jeep toad. It has been about 4 years, but nothing sticks in my mind that it was bad; just your typical non interstate roads with small towns along the way. Iím sure we found gas (but I canít remember where now), and knowing how we travel, we probably did roadside parks/rest stops for meals during the day. I remember stopping in Oakley, KS, and Abilene, TX, but Iím not sure where else. We have also stayed in Junction; just not on that trip.

Iím assuming that in Junction you will pick up I-10 to Houston. If you decide to take this route and if you want to avoid the traffic in San Antonio (although it is a really nice place to visit), let me know, and I can send you instructions to route you around it.
Thank you.It sounds interesting to me. Yes I would appreciate avoiding traffic in San Antonio as we will be heading to Houston on I 10. Thanks.
QUOTE(A.E.Michell @ Jul 10 2012, 07:51 AM) *

Thank you.It sounds interesting to me. Yes I would appreciate avoiding traffic in San Antonio as we will be heading to Houston on I 10. Thanks.

Here are good webb sites to help you plan your trip.
The best way to avoid San Antonio is to take Hwy. 46 out of Boerne (west of SA) over to New Braunfels and on to Seguin which is on I-10 to the east of SA. This is a good highway and not as congested as SA freeways.

More specifically exit I-10 at exit 537 (I think; check a map) and go under I-10. This will put you on Bus. 87/Main Street which takes you through downtown Boerne. The street here has two lanes each way with a parking lane on both sides. It will be a little tight for a few blocks, but we have taken our coach through here numerous times with no trouble. When you get to Hwy 46 take a left, and it will take you over to New Braunfels.

The route above is the most direct way from I-10 to Hwy 46. However, we go through Boerne a little different way. It makes us double back a few blocks, but we miss more of downtown. We go a little farther on I-10 to exit 540 and take a left over I-10. This puts us on Bandera Rd which is also Hwy 46 at this point. Go about Ĺ mi and Hwy 46 will turn to the left. This is a bit of a tight turn, but it is a double lane turn so we have always made it OK. This puts you back on Bus. 87/Main Street. In about another half mile Hwy 46 goes off to the right at the same place you would have turned left on the route above.

There should be no trouble with the road from Boerne to New Braunfels, mostly double lane and good pavement. Once you get to NB turn left on Loop 337 which is also Hwy 46. DO NOT try to go straight through NB. There is terrible street construction on one major street, and there is a very low overpass on another main route. Many motorhomes have tried and failed to go under it. Loop 337 will take you around the town to the north side. You will cross under I-35, and then just stay on this road (Hwy 46) to Seguin. Turn left onto I-10, and youíll be on your way to Houston.

This may sound a little complicated, but it is a good road and keeps you out of SA traffic.
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