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Full Version: E-z Lube Hubs On Keystone 5th Wheel
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Bought a 5th wheeler cougar with ez lube hubs but when I took off the cap on the hub there was empty space inside. So how does the ez lube work? I see no way to get in there to lube. Is the hub itself supposed to be filled with grease? I wonder if keystone lied about it.

dog bone
There should be a grease fitting there (zerk fitting).Just like the fittings on cars. It will be behind a rubber cap.
I grease my trailer the old fashion way, take the bearings out and grease them by hand. I don't trust the ez lube hubs.
I have a Cougar with the EZ lube hubs. Remove the cap and you will see a rubber cover. remove that cover for the grease fitting. You should rotate the wheel when greasing but Cougar says to not jack up the wheels by the axle. I raise one tandem wheel at a time by running all the way up on a leveller which will raise the remaining wheel just high enough to spin. Check your specs to see what grease to use. I have talked to other Cougar owners who have had no problems with using the EZ lube system instead of removing the bearings and doing it by hand. Good luck.
I agree with dog bone. I pull my wheels off one at a time and remove the bearings, and clean the races and inner hub then grease them with marine grease, which holds up better to temperature extremes and water than regular trailer grease. Then I apply grease through the Zerks fitting until it pushs out past the bearing, then I put the dust cap on and reinstall the wheel and tire. It's a little more trouble to do it this way, but a lot to be said for peace of mind. smile.gif
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