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Full Version: Bonneville Salt Flats
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I will be in the area of the Salt Flats in late Aug or early Sept and plan to go to the salt flats for a couple of days for the races. My question is has anyone been there and what are your tips for doing this.

Thanks, Jim
John Blue

Look at West Wendover, NV on I-80. You have a KOA in this small town and Salt Flats are close by. Town has one or more casinos and couple place to eat. Next place would be east over to Salt Lake City over 100 miles away. If you can dry camp use the casino parking lot and they may have hookup's. Call them to see.
Florida Native
Don't be an idiot like me and taste the water in Salt Lake to see if it is salty. Believe me, it is really salty.
This may be to late for you but maybe someone else will read this and consider our experiences with the Salt flats. We though you could camp on the Salt flats anywhere - wrong. You can camp 3 miles away from the end of the road towards the highway. We thought we could walk or drive out to where the people race there machines - wrong. When we got there (Tuesday) some people/group had the placed reserved so we could not go out where the were racing. Overall if you are planning a trip out to see the Salt flats I would first find out what events are going on and what access you will be allowed. This was a big waste of time for me and my family unfortunately. Hope this helps others for future visits and if you had a better experience please let us know what we could have done better. unsure.gif
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