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Full Version: Suggestion for reviews and info pages
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It might be helpful to add the month of the reviewers' stay in a particular campground, as well as the year.

We are currently traveling cross country from California to Florida, in October/November, and a lot of the places we've stayed at are not closed for the winter, but some of them should be. In several places, you can see that it might be a great place in summer, but a winter stay is a completely different story. Pools are closed, any recreation equipment or playground equipment is stored or covered up. Of course, we've stayed in a couple places that would be perfectly horrible at ANY time of year (in our opinion), but I feel kind of bad giving a poor to moderate review to a place that might be dynamite in summer.

Just a thought. Thanks for all you do!
Good idea...also maybe indicate whether they are open seasonally or year-round and for some who are opened year-round, whether it's with limited facilities...usually meaning everything is closed except the utilities, no restrooms, no pool, etc.. and is usually meant for self-contained vehicles.

I think another thing that should be added would be if the campground has cabins or rentals available...I know this site for the most part is for those who have RV's, but I think it could also be a very useful tool for those who want to try camping out before they invest in an RV and listing whether there are cabins or rentals available, I believe would prove useful.
Motorhome Madness
Hi all,
Well, we took Cathy's suggestion and implemented it into the review form which will show the month and year for the review. It will be used for all future reviews as we have no way of knowing what month the reviewer was there in the previous reviews. The review form will be back online with the new option when we return on November 26th. As for the other suggestions although they are good ones, a viewer will just have to check that with the campgrounds website to see what months they are in operation and whether they have cabins. We feel that we offer much more information already than any other source for campground reviews. wink.gif
biggrin.gif See this is another great thing about this site. The webmaster reads our input and gives advice and/or makes changes to continually improve. Keep up the good work and thanks!
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