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Full Version: New Buyer Needs Help
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I'm starting my search for an RV and would appreciate as much help as possible. I'm not a total novice but for ease assume I am. I plan to live in it year round. I'm looking for a class A or C toy hauler, used, under $100k. I want to be able to modify the living area easily. My questions: gas or diesel, brand, what to avoid as well as look for, must have features, minimum length, etc. Basically anything you can think of.
Welcome to this site Solo!
Give us some ideas as to how you plan to live and travel in your rig. For example, will you migrate with the seasons or with your vocation, to parks you already know well? Or will you do some exploring along the way?

If you already know your destinations and their amenities: strong reliable Wi-Fi, good cable TV, etc., then perhaps you can forego some of that technology in your traveling home.

We are still newby's compared to some on this forum, but am SO GLAD we invested in an Aircard (Verizon to accompany our cell phones). OMG you cannot believe how many folks complain about Wi-Fi reception when they post reviews. It's a non-issue for us. rolleyes.gif

Second, we took the Directv box from our stick home and had it attached to the rig's dish, when we purchased. Eliminates angst when overnighting or when settling in for a couple days at a nice park. We just make sure there is a clear shot at the southern sky to receive a signal. No dissappointments with a park's lack of TV coverage for whatever reason.

Just those two pieces of technology (Aircard and DirecTV) give us mass freedom. Fire up the generator in the middle of an Iowa field, and we can access all the civilization we can handle!

Am hardly an expert in rigs, however we have discovered (over 5 years on the road) that smaller is better. We both sigh wistfully at some magnificently longer rigs, but then listen to their owners vent frustration at not being able to get their 40-footer into, around, or back out of older parks. Forget about most state/federal campgrounds.

We ususally do not need to make reservations for our overnights, as our 32 foot coach fits into just about any space in a park. We tow a small car, and yes, I try to get pull-through spot when we are overnighting. Have much better chance at not-unhooking, the shorter you are.

Do not be afraid of slide-outs, especially if you chose a newer model coach.

Do opt for automatic levelers. Especially as a solo flyer.

Just know that toy hauler rigs are excluded from some nicer, higher end RV parks.
You may never want to purchase a lot in said parks, but you automatically eliminate yourself from renting in some magnificent areas of this country, if your rig is TOO short (under 32 feet) or a toyhauler.

Am confident others will chime in here. The most important thing is to get yourself free, and on the road! Enjoy!

I have no plans other than going where I want to go when I wake up so it's exploring most of the way for now. I'm 55 and disabled with a progressive disease and want to see American while I can. I figure I will stay in national parks as often as possible (I know, reservations), staying for days/weeks and riding my Harley to enjoy the area. I'm sure I will plan more as I get going. There are days when my health will keep me from moving so WiFi and direct TV are a must. I'll also be weather restricted so winters will be in warm locales and I'll return to the Dallas area every 2-3 months for a few days to see grand kids and doctors. There may be times that I travel with a friend for a week or two so that is also a consideration. I'm sure I'll have many other questions in the future but buying is my focus right now. Hope that helps.
QUOTE(Solo @ Aug 5 2012, 12:16 PM) *

...riding my Harley to enjoy the area.

OK. Disregard what I noted regarding toy haulers in some high end parks. Your Harley would ride nicely in a toy hauler, and be out of the weather to boot. wink.gif
B. Kidd
A class-C toy hauler would seem to be the ticket for you, especially having a 'bike' and a progressive disease (and good luck with that!).
I agree w/Foster that smaller is better and other advice he gave you, especially concerning automatic levelers. If you find a used class-C that does not come with them, no problem. HWH levelers work just fine on my 2005 32 ft. Tioga which I added on after-market.
So if I get this right I should be looking for a Class C, longer than 32ft but shorter than 40ft. I was leaning C so that's reassuring.

I've read some regarding diesel and gas. It appears diesel is a better way to go. Yes/no?

About the tailgate on a toy hauler, is it better to have a "lift" type gate or a ramp? I'm thinking lift is better. Comments?

Can someone give me an estimate of monthly costs excluding gas, i.e. lot rental, insurance, basic upkeep, etc. ?

About buying. Is there a particular state or city that is going to offer the best prices. So good that it's worth riding there to buy it and driving back. Florida? Texas? Cali?

Thanks for all the help.
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