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Full Version: River Bend Family Campground - Caledonia Ohio
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I am in Mackinaw City MI at the moment but will be moving back to Ohio to spend a few days with the Grandkids. We made reservations at this campground and was looking for some reviews and found none so I hope we are not too disappointed?

River Bend Family Campground
Caledonia, Ohio
East of Marion

Any info would be appreiciated!
We have 2 reviews for this park in our listings. However, I am not sure how much help they will be because one is a 10 rating and the other is a 1 rating. Take your pick as to which one to believe. Maybe some other members will be able to give you more information.
On edit: Ok, scratch my initial find for "River Bend". It looks like the "River Bend Family Campgrounds" in Caledonia, OH, is indeed not listed as the OP stated.

River Bend Family Campgrounds
My apologies. I did a search on River Bend and found the one we have listed. I did not notice that it was in the wrong city. But I did get the state right! smile.gif
I did the same thing the first time around. Saved by the "Edit" button! biggrin.gif
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