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Full Version: New Type Of Rv Antenna
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About two months ago, I was looking at RV's just for kicks, and noticed that RV's don't come with Batwings any more. Now they come with something that looks like a miniature stealth airplane:

My understanding is that you don't have to "crank" these any more. However, you can still spin them around, you just don't "crank them up."

They are supposed to be better for HD reception.

Anyone have one or know someone who does?
John Blue
This type of antenna or close form of it was around back in 1980. You had them on Van's that people used to camp in. The older ones did not turn but were used to pick up TV over the air. I guess we have come full circle now. I can see a low tree limb removing this antenna from the roof of a high 5th wheel or motorhome.

Don't know which Rv you looked at but my 2013 has the proverbial batwing antenna, not that is has or will soon see use. My Wingard DISH Travler pulls the signal for my TV unless I have a cable connection handy. cool.gif
I saw them on Winebagos. Yes, I was dreaming high.......

In order to give all the reasons that one TV antenna works better than the other, I'd have to bore everyone to tears. But there are a few basic reasons. One is the bigger it is, the better it captures weak signals. Obviously, we can't put a NASA satellite antenna of the roof, but that is one reason that the Batwing is effective. It's bigger. Another reason is that the antenna can rotated to point at the TV station's antenna. If you get more of the transmitted TV signal, you get a better picture. Something called DB gain is important. It is a specification number telling how well the antenna performs. The higher the number, the better performance. Regardless of design, most RV antennas are effective because there is a signal amplifier between it and the TV.

Until the programming improves, I think I'll save the money on a new gadget antenna in favor of my coat hanger rabbit ears. biggrin.gif

J.R. Ross
I looked into one of those new ones after seeing it in a RV dealership store. The more I asked around the more people told me to keep my old crank up with the new added bat wing attachment.
I saved the money and kept my old one.
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