Yes, it might be a Chimera but it is worth to try. rolleyes.gif
I am a seasonal snow bird that spends 4 winter months in Florida , however, once you passed the 70th birthday mark, the emergency insurance premium is becoming obnoxious, ph34r.gif namely, I am an healthy old creature and for 4 month, I am paying more than $ 900 just to fatten the insurance company ohmy.gif .
I was recently browsing on the internet and I came upon the Fiji Islands and since I was there a few years ago, I am exploring the possibility to spend winterís months, 3 or 4 months on the island, at the senior citizens price. smile.gif
If someone do have information on this regard, I would really appreciate an input with respect to specific places, costs , locations and if the answer is from a Canadian person , the cost of the health insurance premium.
In closing, I was there for a week during mu return trip from New Zealand and Ö. Why God didnít create Canada over thereÖ sad.gif