First I must say, YES, there is a big difference between the weekend warrior-camper and the full-timing RVer. I was the former for most of my life, childhood and adult; every thing from lying under the stars in a sleeping bag to a restored 1940's canned ham (my avatar). In 2010 all that changed, the doctors disabled hubby and he decided he was done with landlords and their fickle behavior.

June 2012, we purchased "the monster", a 1990 35 foot Class A; and he decided we are going to travel. Let me tell you it has been a change for sure. That is what I like about this site, it has helped us in planning our trips. We have found the reviews very informative. Sadly we found it after having had a few unpleasant experiences. Ironically those parks had reviews depicting exactly what we had experienced. So now we check reviews prior to making reservations. We also registered for this account so we could post our own reviews good and bad.

We have already noticed our "requirements" for a "landing spot" (as we call it) are truly different now than they were before. As a weekend-warrior camper we just wanted to get away. We didn't care about swimming pools, hot tubs, internet, conditions, hook ups, accessibility, friendliness, rudeness, etc. We were just out to have a good time.

Now however what seems like nit-picking to others is a true way of life for us. If we call asking questions prior to making reservations and get told something different than when we arrive, we are not happy "campers" so to speak. We made reservations at a particular park expecting certain services. This is our way of life now, we do not have a house to go back to, so things are all better. This is OUR HOUSE.... This is OUR LIFE.... We expect to receive exactly what we were promised prior to arrival and we ask the weekend-warrior campers understand this. They don't want to listen to their neighbors' rowdy party all night, neither do we wish to listen to thier's while they are playing weekend-warrior camper.

When someone takes the time to write a review they are leaving a little bit of themselves on this site. They are saying "here, this is where I stayed and why I will or will not stay there again" ... For those of us where this is our life, we appreciate your time, your energy, and your information. As a poster and reader, we have greatly appreciated and it has truly helped us to convert from weekend-warrior campers to full-time rv'ers.....