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Full Version: Thumbs Up To A Special Campground
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dog bone
As most of you know New Jersey and New York got hit with a mega storm. One of the seasonal members, at our campground, lost their house and belongings. The owners of the campground got together with another seasonal camper and hooked up to the trailer and drove it from upstate New York to southern New Jersey. They packed it with food, water and brought extra propane.
We have a special kind of campground. It's not like it's the owners and the campers. It's more like family and friends. We all pitch in and help each other. It's a rare commodity during these times.
I wanted to give these guy's some recognition for what they have done. They went out of their way. Thumbs up guys. Rich, Rob, Barry, Kevin and Lee the driver. I can't and won't put the name of the campground up. I don't want it to look like an advertisement. I'm just one of the many seasonal campers that appreciate what these guy's do.
Awesome! What a wonderful bunch of folks you are there!
John Blue
We need lots more people like this on earth and it would be a better place for all to live on. I hope more RV people can help all the storm victims in the same way as this group of owners did. smile.gif
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