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Full Version: Rv Hoarding
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Hoarding in RV,s. Could this make for a very dangerous situation for other RV,ers and Rv parks? A lot of RV park spaces seem to be quite close to each other. I often wondered if you were lucky enough to get a space next to a hoarder (nightly, daily,weekly or monthly) what the dangers would be. I have noticed that hoarding seem to spill from within their RV to out side and packed tightly under their RV and in some cases in to their cars. Unfortunately in lot of these situations there seems to be pets involved. I am not sure if this could be a fire, medical or rodent hazard,Other RV,ers should be alarmed about? And if parks knowingly allow this to cary on, God forbid a fire should start.Should the park share in some of the insurace responsibility?

I've seen this a few times myself. Im at a park right now that has a Motorhome that has a kids big wheel on top of the roof. Plus other crap around it, ie. floor jack, air compressor, fishing poles, 5 bikes(only 1 kid), weight lifting bench (broken), 2 gas grills, and of course all the shades pulled down.

I think park owners care more about steady cash flow per month, than running a fun campground
We stayed at a park once where the RV was so full of "stuff" that the family (4 adults) lived outside in a large tent. They could get in the RV to get some clothing and get food from the cabinets but everything else was done outside, cooking, sleeping and they even had a large TV outside.

The park where I am now, as manager, does not allow any of that. We have very strict rules about the way your site is kept. One young man has lived here for 3 years and anyone that sees his spot would never know he was permanent. We are just a simple CG, not a resort, but do care about how the sites are kept up.
I'm glad to hear that you stay on top of the problem when so many neglect them.

As a recent business owner, I can understand the burn-out stage. I think alot campground owners go through it around the 5th year in business.

But instead of letting your CG fall apart, do something about it!

Just 1 small solution: Constuct about 5 ( more for big CG) small storage sheds , charge $10/mo for storage. Varies depending on park.

I think it is asking way too much to expect an RV park to monitor or control what is in a person's RV or Car. Also, there is going to be a certain amount of stuff outside many rigs, the question is when is it too much? I don't have that answer, to paraphrase a supreme court justice "I don't know what the definition of junky is, but I know it when I see it.". As for storage units, I have seen parks that have them attached to their property, but I doubt you will ever see one for $10.00 a month, that is way below the market rent for a storage unit and I don't think an RV park has any interest in subsidizing someone's hoarding instinct. The great thing is, this site is by far the best resource for finding those parks that have gotten out of control. So choose wisely, grasshopper.
I think this thread was moderated, the pic is gone.
QUOTE(RVbailman @ Mar 13 2013, 05:10 PM) *

I think this thread was moderated, the pic is gone.

What pic are you referring to? I don't remember seeing one in this thread.
This is just random rambling on this subject:

1) There can be two types of hoarding in RV's. One person might need to move into an RV due to a family/economic situation and they are trying to hold onto some items until they move back into more permanant accomodations.
2) They live in the RV, but they continue to accumulate more items and are true hoarders. This is more dangerous since there is no end in sight.

When I first saw the title of this topic, it made me think of another type of RV hoarding, the person who actually hoards RV's. I remember one member of FMCA who always had one motor home he had "almost finished" converting, another one he was "working on" and another one he was "going to start on" once the others were finished. At one time, he had 5 busses in various states of repair in his yard.
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