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Does anyone have experience with Thousand Trails....wat do ya think about their prgram?
I suggest that you identify some of their parks that you might want to visit then look at the reviews here.

By the way, you can buy Thousand Trails memberships on the resale market dirt cheap. You need to look at the details of each contract, though.

Unless you full time Thousand Trails may be a poor choice. I'd be extremely careful before I signed up.

This site may be of use to you:
Florida Native
They can be like an STD, you have it for life and are responsible for the fees forever (unless otherwise stated).
QUOTE(Lindsay Richards @ Feb 14 2013, 07:48 PM) *

They can be like an STD, you have it for life and are responsible for the fees forever (unless otherwise stated).

I had been led to understand that those "forever" contracts had been overturned in the courts and were no longer used. Not that I care to buy one anyway, but I was curious.
biosensais biosensai
For about $500 we bought a regional 1 year membership last summer. We just started full-timing and they had a park conveniently located near our daughter. Stayed there for the better part of the Christmas holidays. Good experience. Went out of the area for awhile and tried to return without reservations. We were told winter in So Cal was there big season and nothing was available. Spent 2 weeks instead at a top of the line resort nearby that had plenty of space available. Of all the Thousand Trails we've visited, we would only have stayed at the one near our daughter. They all seem to be older parks that require a membership approach to stay afloat. I'd suggest you check this website's posted review of the parks you might use. For myself, when in So Cal in the late spring, I'll give them one more try. But their proximity to both a dairy and a chicken farm may result in our not renewing the membership.
We picked up a membership for the Northeast Zone as part of our seasonal site. Not all of their parks are up to snuff, some are indeed older, but like any company, you have to do your homework. You can get a zone pass at the RV show for about $250. That gives you 30 nights of 'free' camping, and then $3 a night after that. If you find CGs you like in a zone (Southeast looks nice) then it could be worth your while as a weekender, and defenitely as a full timer. I would check the reviews on the sties in the zone you want. If you want National, it'll cost you, because of the zones.
We had it and sold our membership. We're more the "dry camp in the boonies" people. The campgrounds we visited, from Washington/Oregon/California and on thru to Texas were all located further from the tourist sites. We don't play bingo or games and found that the games were the main entertainment in the parks. And I agree with on the 2nd hand market......but learn from the TT people themselves, so you KNOW what you're buying.
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