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Full Version: New Florida Driver's License Requirements
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In a sad move that will not make Florida a dime foreign visitors to Florida will be required to carry an international driver's license. It won't make the State a dime! It will annoy and impact many Canadian visitors.

New Florida Driver's license requirements
Florida Native
This isn't just about Canada, but non residents from all non US countries. I suspect that this has a lot to do with security than anything else. I know Florida had to toughen up it's regular drivers license standards a few years ago to comply with Dept of Homeland Security regulations. It is only $25 and might save a life. I have a friend who is a deputy and he sees Mexican and South America licenses all the time. They are easy to fake and having a standard for every non citizen can cut down on crime and offenders. Sometimes we good folks have to suffer a little because of a few bad guys (like the security lines at the airports.) Grin and bear it all you can do.
Don, from your link:

"UPDATE: A statement on the website for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles says that this new law may violate the Geneva Convention. Therefore, the Florida Highway Patrol, and one would assume other police forces in the state, will not enforce the amended law requiring IDPs for Canadians."
Same info as Dutch_12078, it won't be enforced for now:

True they are not going to enforce it, for now. But they are probably not going to rescind it either. It is, in my opinion, a giant leap backwards.
The indications are that the legislature will amend the law to exempt foreign licenses printed English, similar to the way Georgia's IDP law is written. It will take a few months to get it all done, but it's not likely there will be any enforcement in the interim.
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