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Full Version: Rv Feng Shui
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I have been having trouble sleeping, so I went online to find some "natural" sleep aids. I came across this "Feng Shui" thing. Uh oh, RV's don't cut it on Feng Shui......

14) Feng Shui

Feng shui, which originates in the Chinese philosophy of Taoism, instructs on how to arrange rooms, furniture, offices, houses, and other arrangements to maximize favorable energy flow throughout living spaces. Here are some recommendations that may help promote relaxing sleep:

Try not to have the bed in a corner of the room. The corners are where energy tends to be stagnant.
Avoid putting your bed next to a window. Energy can be drained this way.
The bed shouldn't be positioned so that the soles of the feet, when lying face-up in bed, directly face the doorway.
When lying in bed, you should have full view of anyone coming in the door. If you can't do this directly, hang a mirror to reflect the entranceway.
Try to avoid facing sharp corners from desks, bookcases, and other pieces of furniture.

Owing to the musty order we have coming out of the air conditioning duct, it appears that we have "fungus shui".
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It is strange in that when we were first married, we both needed about the same amount and now I need about 2 hours less or so. She is now asleep and I will beat up up by about an hour in the morning. I now have sleep apnea and use a Bi-Pap machine. You can do a very simple sleep test by having an oxygen monitor on your finger recording your O2 levels all night. It is very simple and so much easier than a sleep study. Any pulmonologist can order it. Insurance companies love them because many times it avoids an expensive sleep study. You pick up the machine (size of a deck of cards). clip it on your finger and turn it on. Next morning drop it off by the Doctors,
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