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Full Version: Control Over The Advertising?
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I don't know if the Webmaster has control over the ads that come on here. I was a bit upset to see "sexy Arab Girls."

A while back John Blue told me a few things about the ads that are on the site. First, WM does not have complete control over the ads that are shown, and second, we members do not all get the same ads. What you personally search for sometimes has a bearing on what ads are shown. Now before you get upset, I am NOT suggesting that you searched for “sexy Arab girls.” But something else you searched for might have caused this ad to appear for you. I’m not completely sure how that works, but you may have been on a website (possibly even that feng shui site you mentioned in another post) that somehow is linked to another site that is linked to yet another site that eventually leads to the “girls” site which captures your user information, and then it sends you the ad when you are online. Many times when I search for products, an ad for that item shows up on this website, and yes, I get the “girls” ads also—except mine are usually Russian. I voiced my concern to John, and he let WM know, but as I said he does not have full control over what is shown. You might try tightening the security controls on your computer and see if that helps.
I agree, these ads appear to be keyed to your cookies or browsing history. I've noticed that when I go to specific websites or search for specific things, the ads seem to change scording to this history. I recently looked for info on Universial Studios in CA, and then I see ads for Disney and Universial vacation packages.

Try removing your browsing history including cookies and see if the ad flavor chances.
I have AdBlock on my computer and never see ANY ads. It really makes my internet life more pleasant.
I have been using a Custom HOSTS file for Windows for many years. That eliminates virtually all ads.
QUOTE(dalsgal @ Mar 4 2013, 05:09 PM) *

I have AdBlock on my computer and never see ANY ads. It really makes my internet life more pleasant.

I use AdBlock and Adblock Plus on my browsers (they are apps for Firefox and Chrome, not programs that run on your computer) and didn't even know this site had ads! tongue.gif
I use a Chrome browser with an ad block, as well as, Kaspersky security and see no ads while browsing. While I probably would not mind cute Arab girls, some of the product ads used to drive me buggy.

It is always a problem. For example if one happened to search for Persian Cats you might well find a sex site in the results.
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