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Full Version: Rv Park In Rockport, Tx
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In late summer of 2012 we made a reservation at Southern Star RV Resort in Rockport, TX. The person answering the phone asked us to send a $100 deposit to hold the site. We did and the check was promptly cashed. A friend was staying in the area, checked out the park for us, found it was too far from husband's job site and the site we had been assigned hadn't even been constructed.

We were able to find another RV park in Aransas Pass, closer to the job site and called in late October to cancel the reservation we had made for arrival December 3, 2012. The person who answered the phone was understanding and said, "I will get you a check in the mail."

Four months are now gone, we have no refund, I have visited the owner who also promised a refund of our money. The park has no website, only a Facebook page and guess what, the owner has also blocked me from commenting.

I have filed a complaint with the Texas Better Business Bureau. I doubt I ever receive a refund but I want the public to be aware of this park's poor business practices.
IMHO Better Business Bureaus are a waste of time. A better idea might be to find out what it costs to file a small claims suit in the appropriate TX county. If you don't mind spending another $25-50 you'll get it back plus your money eventually. Do you have proof of the deposit and your request to get a refund? In many (most?) states there's no reason to appear in court on a small claims action unless the other part intends to defend. If he doesn't defend then you get a default judgement.
Florida Native
Getting a judgement in most states does little good. It is up to you to collect. I have several judgements over $2,000 on former tenants on rental houses. I will make you a real good deal on them. $100 each. Investing any more money on this too me is just throwing it down a rat hole. Do whatever you can online and forget it. Use it as a lesson.
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