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Motorhome Madness
We would like to hear everyone’s ideas about additional features or desired changes to the website. Some of the things that have been tossed around include:

a. Longitude and Latitude of campgrounds - allows people with GPS units to route directly to rv park. It will also allow us to calculate distances between cities and campgrounds for future search capabilities. ( Reviewers would need a GPS to provide this information. ).

b. Improved roads - some rv'ers have expressed the desire to know the type of roads in the campgrounds.

c. Laundry facilities - would allow for feedback on the laundry facilities. What do you want to know about the laundry: availability, rating, and clealiness??

We aren’t committed to any of these additions yet. Please provide feedback on what you think of these items, and let us know what you want!
Mr. Webmaster:

First of all, thanks for asking. Your's is certainly a labor of love, and your attempts to improve the site are most appreciated, I assure you.

I would like to make three suggestions:

(1) The type and quality of road is important for big rigs. I've spent more money having things repaired and reattached because of poor access roads to campgrounds.

(2) Whether or not the site is paved is EXTREMELY important. Gravel can mean anything from fresh, thick rocks, to "I put down gravel 10 years ago" and you just can't count on gravel being solid and not prone to getting muddy. Concrete, on the other hand, is almost always good and is very important to us.

(3) It would be nice if there was some way to distinguish between a "campground" and an RV Park. Campgrounds are fine for tenters and pop-ups, but, in my view, an RV Park is more acceptable to fifth wheelers, motorhomes, and larger travel trailers.

Again, thanks for asking! smile.gif
Some campground guides list campsite size. Although difficult for a camp visitor to measure so as to report, a general comment on campsite size would be useful. Some comments mention size and feeling of privacy. Maybe you could structure a question to capture this in simple terms.
John Blue


2. Roads inside park "pot holes" or in poor shape.

3. Laundry "clean" and in good order.

4. Low trees.

5. Parking pads in park cement, blacktop, gravel, grass, level.

6. Hours you can get to modem line if in office to check email.

7. Cable TV good, fair, or poor.

8. Visual appeal of park, good or poor.

9. Equipment for kids to play on, yes or no.

10. Security, lights at night, guard, gate.

I write a lot of this information in comment now. It would be nice to have more information before you pick a park. This will help everyone find a good park.
Thanks for all of the hard work. I love this site! I've noticed a few things I would like addressed - whether satelite was tried and was it achieveable (too many trees or some open sites available). I realize that some campers scoff at the use of TV -but let's face it, many of us (me included) are addicted to sports and have to keep up with my favorite teams - this means I need cable or satilite, which often dictates our weekend camping choices.

Also, the "waterfront sites" only allows for one option - We've been to many campgrounds that have more than one option (i.e. lake and river, etc.).

Lastly, when just going through a state's reviews, I wish there was some description of where the campground is. Many "exact addresses" (city) offer no clue to the area it is actually located - then it means to go to a map and try to locate the campground. A general area description (i.e. northeastern corner, coastal area, near Atlanta, etc.) would be nice when searching for campgrounds in a specific place. rolleyes.gif
Forgot to add one last item - I would like something that addresses permanent sites. We've been to many campgrounds (usually move on down the road) that are in reality a trailor park. That is not what we are after - I would like to the know the percentage of "permies" in the campground and if it caters to snowbirds (we try to avoid these types - no offense - we just have small, noisy children) cool.gif
unsure.gif I agree that there should be an area that gives a general idea where a park is actually located in that state. For instance, the park where we stay in Texas is between Bay City, Tx and Matagorda, TX. Even putting in an area for address of park would be nice. But, some parks like ours has a Bay City address but is about 20 miles from the city itself and we feel that we are closer to Matagorda than Bay City. I know that once someone visits a certain parks web page, they will find the info they need, but to begin with before they visit web page they would know general area of park.
Consider Canadian Sites. I realize that would be more work, but would be very useful for many RVers.

This is the finest RV site on the internet. Many of us would be glad to monitor the site to provide relief.

Happy Trails! rolleyes.gif
Ditto to JoJoLima:

There are many of us who owe a debt of gratitude to this site because we use it so much in selecting where we will stay, and many of us would definitely be willing to monitor the site or help out when the webmaster(s) were away or unable to do so. Let us know if we can assist. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
wink.gif Is the campground internet friendly. Is is through a modem or is it WIFI enabled, is it free or fee. If it is a fee charged c/g for WIFI, the daily rate would be most helpful.

Frequent visitor~~Homer
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