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Full Version: Unable To Buy An Rv Now But..........
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Hello everyone!
I'm considering an alternative to RVeing and I'd like to hear your suggestions.
I've a good truck,F250,2004 in excelent condition,and I wonder if people in my circunstances
have found an alternative to RVeing.I love to hike and I wonder if it will be feasible for me to
rent a cabin,for instance in the mountains of NC,or perhaps rent a room (reasonable) and carry my stuff with me in my truck,for which I'll have to cover its long bed.If thre is anyone with the
same dilemma and you have solved it,I look forward to hear your input!
Many thanks........Vagabond
Sounds like you are talking about day hiking, and/or overnight hiking. Seems like it would be far less expensive to simply camp while hiking.

Honestly, you would probably get more detailed information from a hiking forum.

Wife and I hiked part of the Appalachian Trail in Maine for a week. It was a ton of fun (and hiking), and cost very little. We found a section of the trail that we could hike as a loop trail, and parked our car in a parking area used by hikers. Lots of information about the Appalachian Trail available, well, everywhere. "Lean-to" partial cabins are situated all over the trail, and in some states there are hiker "motels" on the trail that you can overnight in.
Have you seen the tents that fit on top of the back of a pickup? Throw in an air mattress and you are set to go camping. It's nice, because you are up off the ground so don't have to worry about ground water seeping into the tent and they're easy to collapse when you want to use the truck.
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