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Full Version: Newbie Questions
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Hi, we are new to this wonderful RV life.
We have a medium sized RV - 35' - diesel pusher.
I noticed while breaking on a mountain road going down a 6% grade that I smelled burnt break lining, but, I only pushed the break hard for a few seconds? Should I be using the engine break on most downhill grades? Or maybe I need a break job?

You should be using your engine brake on all descents; I rarely use my brakes on downhills. When you do use brakes apply them to drop your speed by 5 mph then back off. Allow speed to build up again and re-apply.
The best phrase I have heard about desending a steep grade is, you should downshift and use the engine brake to reach an "equilibriam". This means you should not be using your foot to brake at all,or only to slow you down to be able to downshift further. If you must brake, use a heavy brake for a short period, rather than a light brake for a long period of time.
There is an often quoted trucker saying about going down hills:

I can go down a hill too slowly many times. I can only go down it too fast once.
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