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What do you folks think a reasonable price would be for an overnight stay at a park?
I mean a park with a pool, gravel roads,level sites etc. Not a resort. Just a park (KOA,Jellystone or independent) nothing fancy.

Thanks folks
Answering this question is like defining a puff of smoke because there are so many variables including what part of the country it is in, what major attractions it is near, how far away it is from everything, and so forth. Probably, without any discount cards, the normal price would be somewhere between $20 and $25 per night--higher in the northeast, lower in the south and west. But, as with everything else in life, you get what you pay for, rarely more. rolleyes.gif
What's reasonable for us as fulltimers is the park with nice basic amenities for the lowest price we can obtain. We've managed to stay under $15 for overnights so far this year using our various discount plans. (Passport America/Escapees/Golden Age Pass/State parks, etc.) Without discounts 20-25 is probably reasonable&typical, but many parks are beyond that. Some are worth it, many are not. Prices are higher on each coast and near popular tourist areas. Many wonderful parks can be found in the central area of the US during the warmer seasons for very, very good prices. Texas is very reasonable as well.
John S.
I guess when the price of a spot to camp in is more expensive than a midpriced hotel that is too much.

John S.

1999 Foretravel
Beastdriver is right… there are a lot of variables that will affect the price of a regular campsite. In our area of Ohio, I think State Parks are around $18.00 with electric only. To “broadly” answer that question, I would say prices would be between $15 to $25 per night.

Thanks for the input folks...just trying to get a general idea of what people pay to camp at an overnite campground.

Have a great trip!
Big Ben
I think the biggest variable is geographic area. Right now down here in sw Florida you would probable have to pay $50 or more. Down in the Keys $100 a night.In our travels this last year rates ran from $8.00 PPA to as much as $40 night near Yellowstone.
rolleyes.gif Have to agree with all of the above and it depends on the amount of amenities you desire as well as the area. Passport America has proven to be a good discount membership for 1 or 2 night stays in most areas.
Cheryl Fuller
We have only stayed at parks in CO, New Mexico, Las Vegas and South Dakota but have never paid less than $32 a night. We have only been rv'ing a short time, so hoepfully soon, we will be visitng many more states. I do hope that we can find parks in the $15-25 range as suggested. It is very annoying to make a reservation at a park for $35 a night, only to arrive and find it is an absolute dump.
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