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Full Version: Parks In The South With Tennis Courts??
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HI everyone... I am located in the south Louisiana area and was wondering if anyone knows of any RV parks in this region that also have tennis courts? Thanks in advance!
I can't vouch for the condition of them, but I am pretty sure the Red Shoes RV Park at the Coushatta Casino in Kinder, LA, has tennis courts.
You are right... I have never been there but I did see the courts on google earth.
You might check with the park before you go there just to be sure. They keep putting in those chalets (as they call them), and if the courts weren't being used, they might have used the area for more chalets.
Gotta be an other one somewhere!
Jerry S
I was just at Coushatta last month for 5 days and the tennis courts were still there. There were no signs of new chalets being built in their space. As many times (probably 30) as I've been there and as many days (probably 150) as I've stayed there over the past 15+ years, I don't think I've every see the tennis courts used. I'm more of a b-baller and this past stay the b-ball court got more use than I've ever seen in my typical 5 day stay. For some reason, there were an extraordinary number of male teens there while I was.

Also, there does not have to be "another one somewhere" in Louisiana. In high end RV resorts in CA, FL, or AZ maybe, but not in LA.
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