Afternoon all,

End of July I will be going to Yellowstone for a week, I was interested in hearing of places that are must sees, either around Yellowstone or along the way.(Traveling from PA to WY, either via rte 80 or rte 90 or rte 94, depends on which has more interesting POI's) Now most of these stops will be something that we can do in an hour or so (I know, not much time) just maybe enough to stretch out a little and get the blood pumping to the legs again....
We have stopped at the I-80 truckstop in Iowa, on another trip to Sturgis bike week, and it was pretty neat, not horrible food either. And I guess it really doesn't have to be pertaining to my trip, if you have something or somewhere interesting, post it. It may be an inspiration for a trip in a new direction next year. Again anything quirky, odd, different, original etc etc.
Thanks in advance!!!!!!!