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Motorhome Madness
Hi everybody!
Just wanted to give everybody an update on some changes that we are making to RV Park Reviews. We are currently working on a more efficient review submitting system that will automate the review process and take less time on our part to post the reviews. We also have plans to add the Canadian Provinces as well to this system and possibly in the future to add "clickable" maps to find campgrounds. As with any software changes that are made there may be a learning curve, but we are hoping that things will go smoothly, so be patient when we finally do implement the changes. We appreciate all your support for RV Park Reviews and are striving to make things even better! wink.gif
John Blue

This will be great, more good things from RV Park Review. We are happy to see new changes and Canadian Provinces will be a big plus also. It all gets better and better for RV people. The map system would very nice.

Thanks for the great work you all do!
Ditto to John Blue's comments. We all very much appreciate your commitment to this industry and the hard work you put in to help us. Thanks! smile.gif
Thanks for the continuing effort to improving this site… it is a valuable tool to everyone! It is a shame more people don’t take advantage and contribute to it. Personally RV Park Reviews is the first site I go to when planning a trip, and the last place I go on its completion! We look forward to the improved changes, and again Thank You…

biggrin.gif Thanks so much for all you have done for the RVer. Your website is with out equal to many of us. I for one am a constant referral agent for your site. Have a great New Year and to all RVers. Homer wink.gif
This is a great site, we use it all the time and contribute to it as well. Please consider adding Mexico to it as there are many, many RVers, particularly from the SW who go there. Thanks!

I think that it's a great idea.....I just found this site last week and I am in it everyday ....keep up the nice work
Looking forward to the changes, especially the Canadian campgrounds! You guys do a super job as it is! Thank you!
Motorhome Madness
We have turned on the ability to receive reviews for Canada, the provinces are listed below the states when you choose a state for a review. The ability to view the posted Canadian reviews may not be in place until May or June. I will add them to the drop-down on the main page in the next few days, but none of the maps are ready yet.
rolleyes.gif Hi just found you. Sure sounds like a really great asset you are providing to us RVers. I will certainly try to do my part in making this a valuable site. Looking forward to visiting often... Don
I am really looking forward to the clickable maps feature.

For example, if you were looking for a campground in Cincinnati, Ohio there might be only one listed, yet there is a nice state park in Bethel, which is just to the east.

Although reviews for it have been posted, you'd never think to look under Bethel if you weren't familir with the area.


I thought I would add a little feature request. You should consider a user gallery in which users could post some pictures of the campground they review and then allow them to link to the pictures in the review.

Its the whole 'Picture is worht 1000 words' type o thing. People like different things in a CG and sometimes looking at a photo would help a lot in the description.

I would like to see pictures to get an idea how far apart the campsites are from each other.

Just a suggestion. I always take lots of pictures of the camp grounds I go to because I had always intended to write a review of all the camp sites I visit and put them on line.

Great Job. I just want what ever changes y ou make to continue to keep out the friends and campground owners. I know that you can't make that 100% possible but one can usually tell by reading the review that it is someone close to the CG making that review. I know you must have a way of determining if real campers are doing the reviewing and this is the most important factor to us. Thanks.
We also love your services! In fact, we've tried at least 6 campgrounds in the last 12 months based on reviews here! The most recent was Yellowstone Lake in Wisconsin - we never would have gone there but for a mention on this board - and we had a Great time!

I love the idea about including photographs. I,too, take photos of each CG and could include them in the review -- but it will really eat up your disk space on your servers.

I also love the idea about clicking on a portion of a State to find reviews of CG's near the click. That really would save time.

Thanks again for making this available!

wandering palms
I think that a nice feature would be some type of identifier attached to each post. That way when you find another poster who thinks along the same lines as you, you'll be able to pick parks that fit you better. Say you have camped at 5 parks that poster John#12 has reviewed and liked, then you can pretty much figure that you will like any park that he has liked. The wife and I are pretty middle of the road when it comes to parks, but we have some friends that would rate any park that's not a resort and $60.00 a night as thumbs down. We have also met people who think if you can let your dogs run loose, sit around the picnic table in your underwear and guzzle beer that it's a 10.
This could either be a number assigned by you or a code name picked by the poster something other then their user name in case they want to remain anonymous.
As far as I'm concerned it could be my user name, I'm willing to stand by any review that I post.

5 years of full timing and loving every minute of it.
Hi guys:

Many campers and owners of larger vehicles LOVE this site; however there is no category for 45' owners or Prevost Bus owners. Those of us who have a vehicle this large are sometimes hampered by smaller, non accessible campgrounds (and that's o.k. too); however where we can fit in we need to know.

How about for a future include a category for not just Motorhomes but "Prevost" or "45 Footers"?

I'll wager there are at least a couple thousand folks of large vehicles who frequent your site..............a lot.

Cheryl Fuller
I think that including information as to whether a 45 footer would fit into a campround site, would be okay but in my opinion, if you include a section for, as you put it, not just motorhomes, but Prevost, it would become very exclusive to a particular group. The majority of us here have just a motorhome or travel trailer and would consider this site to be all inclusive. I don't know if any other rv'ers websites break it down into groups for certain types of coaches, as I don't frequent any other sites, but I do like the way that every category on this one caters to every member. I hope I did not offend you, as I am sure you did not mean to insignuate that owners of much more expensive vehicles should have their own categories - I was just pointing out that the beauty of this site is that we include everyone.
On the review form, there is a line that says "Big Rig (40' type) access?".
Rick M
QUOTE(Webmaster @ Dec 27 2004, 08:13 AM)

Hi everybody!
    Just wanted to give everybody an update on some changes that we are making to RV Park Reviews. We are currently working on a more efficient review submitting system that will automate the review process and take less time on our part to post the reviews. We also have plans to add the Canadian Provinces as well to this system and possibly in the future to add "clickable" maps to find campgrounds. As with any software changes that are made there may be a learning curve, but we are hoping that things will go smoothly, so be patient when we finally do implement the changes. We appreciate all your support for RV Park Reviews and are striving to make things even better!  wink.gif

Great Web Site!

One idea which people/campers might be rating CGs on is noise.
Having traffic/trains wake you up in the middle of the night will detract from your mode and health.
Waking up grouchy would give a low rating. laugh.gif

Maybe a rating for noise or restful sleep?

Just an idea.
Maybe a rating for noise or restful sleep?

Just an idea

It's a good one.
Sounds like a great IDEA to me...
I know if I want noise, and to be woke up in the middle of the night, I will stay at a Flying J truck stop.
I just joined yesterday. When I try to submit a review, I always wind up back at the login screen. I have registered and show as logged in as a user (Paul&Dee).

Is there another way to get to the campground review form?
You have to log in with your correct username and password. If that info is not correct then you will just get returned to the login screen. smile.gif Are you sure that info is correct? Try logging in and out of the forum also.
Try enabling cookies too. A lot of sites won't work if they are blocked - not sure if that is the case here or not.
Just a comment that this site is fantastic and we never pull out of our driveway without consulting it for every stop along the way. Many thanks to whoever is responsible for it!

Dan & Ann
1998 Country Coach Allure 36'
Thanks for this site. I registered today because I wondered if it's possible to make a clickable map for each state and it sounds like it's in the works.

We are planning our first trip out of Michigan with our 5th Wheel and are heading for Alabama next week. I found several campgrounds from your site to visit. Now, I'm trying to find possibilities during our trip south. So, since I don't know where most of the cities / towns are, that would have been a big help.

To the Webmaster:

I've been finding that some campgrounds no longer allow you to have campfires at your own campsite, however, they don't identify this on their website. I know this is a major part of the camping experience for many people and is helpful information to know ahead of time. If you are still looking at making changes to the reviews, perhaps this could be added as a "yes/no" question!

Thanks for keeping this website up and running - I can't imagine planning my trips without it!
Its very seldom these days that you find people or business's that are willing to be service providers and not charge a fee for service rendered. There is a lot of work and I assume expense involved in building and maintaining a site of this calibre and it is very well done, hats off to you MR/Ms Webmaster I for one value this excellent resource.

blink.gif This is my first post. And I have yet to pull into the first RV campground, as we have yet to pick up our first RV from a private party.

The inclusion of Canadian camps sounds like an excellent idea. I add my thanks and praise. This appears to be a great site. I look forward to asking a ton of really dumb questions. unsure.gif
Welcome to the site! The Canadian campgrounds have already been implemented and can be located in the drop down menu beneath the states on the main page. Have fun camping in your new rv smile.gif
Cheryl Fuller
Fourwinds - I am sure you have heard the age old saying "there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers". I personally think this is not an accurate statement as I have heard some pretty dumb questions in my 48 years. However, we look forward to hearing yours, and I am sure no one will consider them dumb. Okay, that's probably not an accurate statement either, but we do look forward to hearing from you. Welcome to the forum.
Boy, do I like the changes on this website!!! Wonderful new look, easier to look and find things. I haven't posted yet, but have to believe that this function is also greatly improved. The map lookup feature is fantastic when one has no idea of the addresses being looked for. Thanks. biggrin.gif
Wow! I have not been by the website lately and what a surprise! It's gorgeous! Great job!!
I discovered this site about a month ago and used it while planning our just completed trip. The reviews helped us end up at the correct campgrounds for us and I will use it every time we get ready to take off in the future. Any upgrades to the software will only make a very helpful resorce even more so.
Richard and Emily
Just discovered and joined this site. We are fulltimers and expect to get good use out of the info and reviews here. It's really helpful to be able to read other's opinions of campgrounds.
Yes, this is a great site and it has helped us more times than I can count. Of course, everyone looks for something different in an rv park or campground. It's unfortunate that photos take up so much disk space, as a picture is definitely worth a thousand words.
This is my go-to site for planning our trips. I appreciate this website as well as the candid posts from reviewers....... I love to hear every detail !!
This is a great website. I have done several google searches looking for campground review site and so far this one is by far the easiest to use and most inclusive one I have found. Thanks a bunch. biggrin.gif
Retiree in Waiting
I just joined today and thought things were already great. I can't wait to see how things could get any better. I found your site from an article in Escapees magazine. I never heard of your site before that. I think its great to hear what others think about certain campgrounds...good or bad. It sure helps in deciding between 2 or 3 in an area or to find out more about a campground in an area that someone has never been to before.

Thanks smile.gif
We are from the Netherlands and this spring we are going to make our thirth RV-trip through the United States. Last year we were on the road for 6,5 weeks and we picked every campground by reading the reviews at this website. Thanks, it's wonderful!

We are planning our new trip now and once again we will use this website. I will try to post reviews while we are on our way!
How about adding something truely useful -- append the submitter's user name to their reviews. At that rate, it won't take long to realize who the reliable reviewers are and who are the ones with personal greed to satisfy or with personal axes to grind.
I totally agree with Testudo's suggestion--with some sort of identification, be it the "handle" used on the discussion forum, or some other selected or assigned handle, at least we would know the ID of who was making the post (sort of), and could weigh this person's track record. I am sure that most of you read the recent heated debate about the unfair and malicious review of the KOA in Puebo (there were 865 views of this discussion and 35 different posts). Don't you find it strange that the person who originally posted the unfair review never came forward and said either "Yes, I said this, and I still think I am right" or "I apologize. I may have gone overboard." Or at least something. With the system Testudo is suggestion, at least we have some method of determining who writes real reviews and who has an axe to grind or is just an every day jerk.
I also think that is a great suggestion. Even though the majority of the forum members don't know each other, I think that through the forum discussion you do get to know what rving/camping preferences people are interested in and how their likes/dislikes match yours. Through the forum, certain members have given me recommendations in the past. If I saw a review with their name beside it I would probably give it more merit than someone who I am not as familiar with. Also, if I noticed that someone who has been to the same rv park as me gives it a similar rating, for many of the same reasons, I would be inclined to think that I would like other parks that they recommend. It may also discourage some of the reviews whose authenticity is questionable.
Wow, I thought it is already good enough. I really like the idea for the clickable campground selection map. I usually remember where it is on the map not the city it is in.
dog bone
having some sort of an id number when giving a review of a park is a great idea. put a box somewhere in the review form that will link it to a member. or just use your user name. that would be even simpler.
We've been sitting in one place for a while, so I haven't checked the site recently.
I like the new stuff I've immediately noticed!!
Shorter lists of reviews, but the old ones still available.
Prior postings by reviewers - gives a good perspective on what they like & would be similar to my tastes, or not.
RSS feeds possible.

Especially nice is the obvious - the webmaster is paying attention to the input. Cool.
My only further suggestion would be a google map link? Don't know how complicated that is, but surely the world's greatest webmaster will figure it out.
I really like the newest change--being able to hide or display the older reviews for a campground. This really cleans up the site and keeps it easy to see the newest reviews while still making the old reviews available if you need them. Good job, Webmaster!!!!!

Thanks for the wonderful site!

I have a suggestion for changing the filters in the campground search. Perhaps given the explosion of wifi it may be better to have "modem in the office" changed to "wifi" (or perhaps add wifi?). I don't know if that would be easy or hard.

Modem is almost a "given" if there is telephone access presupposing folks have a toll free number such as the one for "Hot Deals Canada". They provide such a number in Canada and USA. Here is a url for anyone who may be interested. I'm a client of theirs and will renew as it is only $6.25 per month for dialup.

Moderator please feel free to edit this post if you see it as advertising. (do not wish to "step on anyone's toes")
Well, there was an "exciting" change today. Apparently, this forum was moved to a new server. I was unable to login, so I did "contact administrator." What a shock! Someone actually responded to "contact adminstrator." Webmaster said the move to new server caused some problems.

Gotta say, the webmaster is great with "customer service." biggrin.gif

I'll second that JJ!
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