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Full Version: Rv Shades
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I met a guy who was restringing his shades in his rv. He told me in no uncertain terms to have them all the way up when traveling to put less pressure on the strings. I do not know if this is true. Anyone know if it's better one way or the other? I sure would not like to restring a shade after seeing him try to do it without a lot of swearing, lol.

We put ours all the way up when traveling, but only for visibility. I've never heard anything about putting pressure on the strings.
Restringing when one breaks is not terribly difficult, if you either draw a diagram of what your doing before you take it apart or take a good photo. I redid 5 or 6 of mine over the years. Traveling up or down I don't think makes any difference in the blind tension on the strings, but could be wrong? If you feel better, leave them up. Planning ahead and finding a source for strings before yours break is a pretty smart move. Put a package of string in a drawer so when you need it you have it.
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One of the main reasons the strings fray and break is the sharp edges where they pass through the metal parts. Make sure the grommets are in place. If you want to save some time in restringing them, line up a divorce attorney first. We got a guy to redo ours for $70 each including all supplies. I believe many RV makers are getting away from the day night shades.
Not sure about the tension, but my brother likes to travel with his shades down on his TT to keep the inside cooler. I prefer to travel with the shades up on my TT. I have hade to restring one shade, but I don't think it had anything to do with whether I traveled with the shades up or down.
QUOTE(Lindsay Richards @ Jun 29 2013, 06:28 AM) *

...If you want to save some time in restringing them, line up a divorce attorney first...

Oh Lindsay, I have wondered about this!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Have a couple "droopy" shades now, after 7 years of full timing. The small one, in the bedroom, I may attempt. But the multi-stringed marvel at the dinette is worth paying someone, IMHO.
The "cat's cradle" string system is one thing. I am more concerned with all the window surrounds!
I have restrung all the day night shades in here and it is no big deal for me BUT I was also a mechanic for 30 years. Here's a link to parts like string and so on.

Instructions for small shade

4 shade string diagram

2 string diagram

video on doing this

I hope this helps

Mine have plastic tabs at the bottom that keep them from moving around. I put the shades in those while travelling to keep it cooler.
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I resolved this problem the easy way... I have been a seamstress for over 25 yrs.. So we took all the blinds, boxes, etc out and I made custom curtains and tie backs for all the windows. It makes cleaning easier.. The coach seems more homie, in my opinion... The curtains also help to insulate against heat and cold...
John S.
I changed my shades to MCDs. I put the day shade down and that keeps the heat out and I can see out still but only on the passenger side.
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