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Full Version: New kind of RV Park
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I was just wondering what everyone thought of this. An Rv park with more things for Adults only. (not barring kids altogether)
Such as:
Sepprate pool for Adults and kids
Mabe a tiki hut type of bar that serves drinks at the adult pool so that campers would have a social place to meet and get to know one another
Hottub (no kids)
A few luxery sites with deck and private hottub
Mabe a band on some weekends and special occasions

Thats just a few ideas that I have thought of. Anyone think of any more??

Let me know what you think.
My wife and I are in our high twenties and would love a place like this but haven't ever seen one. It seems more and more younger people are getting RV's and may like a park like this.
Personally I would probably not use a park like this because it would probably cost more per night than I would be willing to pay. We normally use a park as our “base-camp” and take day trips to the areas of interest around it. Although we are not retired yet, we like to travel and see new things. Amenities like full hook-ups, cable TV and WiFi are great, although pools and Hot Tubs are nice, we do have those at home…

I’m sure a park like this would be used, but probably not by me.

John Blue
We are like "RVman3252" and use campgrounds as a base camp to tour and see a 100 mile zone and then we move motorhome to next campground. We do spend time in woods to get away at times. We also like full hook ups and WiFi sites. We have a pool at home but do not use it much.

On the adults only park FL, AZ and TX are full of 55 plus parks. This is OK but we find that kids running around campgrounds are better that no people running around due to old age. We like each group young and old, each has things that make life more fun. Kids need our help and older people have been there done that. A good mix will keep you young at heart.

We spent couple nights at thousand trails outside Orlando and guess what! The kids were in adult pool and adult were in the kids pool. We see this all over the USA. No one was upset or had a problem with it. A lot of older people travel with grandchild.

On the meet and get together at end of day for a drink. At Betty's RV Park in Abbeville, LA we do this each day at 4:00 pm. This is a great way to meet other RV people in park. Betty has a band come over at times to play Cajun music. Each person supplies his or her own drinks. Great way to end the day. You pick up a lot of good information on new places to travel to and meet people from all over.

Have fun on the road!
Mr. Camper
We also use the campground as a base camp for exploring new areas. We just spent a little over one week at a nice campground that didn't offer all those extras you spoke of and it does limit the "family" campers. We spend all of our working time with kids and when we go camping we do like to get away from them on our weekend trips which are usually closer to home. During our longer trips and especially when we take a grandchild we don't even think about avoiding family places. We have a few 55+ places around central FLAUSA but they've, at least quite a few of them, turned into park model parks and limited the number of overnighters. If the costs were kept down I believe you would find a market for your idea but it would have to be a destination type resort.
Sounds like a great idea especially for warm weather locations. My husband and I travel 6-9 months of the year in our motorhome and would love to go to a destination like this - but only in warm weather area. A great spot would be east of Naples on the Tamiami Trail. The better places there have turned into ownership parks which then are a headache for renters - property isn't maintained, owners fighting, pool/laundry not up to standards, etc.
I appreciate the fact that a lot of people use a campground as a base camp. I do to on occasion. Just depends what your there for. But sometimes it's nice to get away and just relax. Sit around your campsite and grill and enjoy the view.

First let me say that I have no problem with children, But I've been to several campgrounds that are full of kids. There ridding there bikes in front of your site, (or scooter). You can't even use the pool because it's full up with kids.

John Blue said he stayed in a park and kids were in adult pool. I wouldn't have a problem with that if they were calm. If I want to lay out or just sit in the water I don't want a bunch of screaming kids around. I came here to relax.

Anyway just some more thoughts.
I wouldn't mind a place like this except for one thing. It is hard for my wife and I to get into "adult" parks since we are both in our 20's and my wife is barely 21. we don't have kids but we are looked at as kids.
Sounds very much like the Oasis in Las Vegas.
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