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I enjoyed your best reviews thread so much I decided to join in with a related but different thread.
What was your best ever camping experience and why???

Mine was Custer State Park, SD last year. I have never seen a park as nice as Custer. Even making reservations was easy. Their web site has a picture of each campsite. If you are like me and don't back so good you can eliminate sites with obstacles such as trees or large boulders.
Check in was breeze. Our site was long, shaded and private. The staff was numerous, visible and helpful. Then there were the extras you normally don't expect like being delayed en route to the visitors center by a herd of bison; the doe with twin fawns who grazed near our camp site; and the not very wild burros who begged for handouts along the Wild Life Trail. There were several man made amenities not usually found at state parks such as a store and several historical lodges/cabins. And it gets better. What can top Mount Rushmore as a nearby attraction? However, the Badlands, Wall Drug Store in Wall, SD and Deadwood, SD were certainly close runner ups. We were so busy visiting these attractions we only had time to hike one trail in the park. On that hike we saw several deer and a flock of wild turkeys. We have to go back again just to hike the park trails. The entire park and the little town of Custer were magical places.
It would have to be a three-way tie for me: Rafter J Bar in Hill City, SD, Sea View in Eastport, ME., and Trails End in Waynesville, NC. Rafter J Bar had everything I could want, from gorgeous views to great facilities, to the ability to climb over a gate and hike into the state forest, searching for quartz (I'm a rock hound). Sea View is on the water just off the Bay of Fundy, so there were spectacular tides, coast walking, seals swimming around, fog banks rolling in and out and the view of three lighthouses. Trails End is surrounded by beautiful mountains and is so peaceful and quiet I can hardly bring myself to do anything but sit and stare at the mountains, which is what I'm doing right now. We've stayed at almost 80 RV parks in the last four years and these are definitely the top three.
I've got 2...

First was 9 yrs ago at Cherrystone VA, mostly because the family had so much fun at the campground, and day trips to VA beach and Busch Gardens.

Second was Luray Rv Counrty Waye VA, just couldn't get over the views at the campground of the Shenandoan NP Skyline

Florida Native
We didn't stay at that park, but spent several days at Custer and it was one of the best we have ever seen. We have a 4 wheel drive toad and spent hours driving around on the trials. We were surrounded by buffalo. It is truly a wonderful place. All around it are great places also. We have ended up staying a week there two different times.
Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, WA. It's an old Army base. The rooms in the Officer's Quarters are used for hotel rooms. There is an RV section. The commissary, once a month, had an "organic" breakfast. I was there during the organic breakfast, it was well worth the price.
Great thread! Really got me thinking about past trips, then I discussed it with the wife to get her input. Our two favorite personal best are:

1) Custer state park. Beautiful area, very helpful camp hosts, large sites. Lots of things to see in the area.

2) Bridge Bay campground, Yellowstone. On top of Yellowstone, and everything it has to offer, there is nothing like having a heard of 20 buffalo graze through your campground, get into fights, trample a few tents, all within a few feet of your RV.
Victoria Springs State Park in Nebraska. Grass sites among gorgeous, well spaced out old trees and a fishing lagoon. We were the only ones there for two whole days and the very personable Ranger accepted a picnic table, dinner invitation for one of them. Tranquility at it's best.
John S.
Well, it is a couple places. First is the Virginian in Jackson Hole. The campground is ok but you can not beat the location. Second one is Ocean Waves on Hatteras in NC. Rode out a cat 1 hurricane there but it s right on the beach, you only had to walk over the dune. Again not the best campground but great location. I used to go to the above mentioned Country Waye all the time till I moved out to the same area and have that view or a bit better every day.
We have been in Custer, SD for the last week at Broken Arrow - about 4 miles east of Custer. This is an absolutely beautiful park - quiet - and the owners are wonderful - so friendly and welcoming. They go out of their way to make sure this park is exceptional. They have a bunkhouse that has 4 or 5 individual rooms and about separate cabins. It's great for people who have horses - they provide stables, hay, etc. for horse lovers. They have a dinner on Monday nights for the guests and music is also provided. The views here are spectacular! Sites are spacious and level. I would definitely recommend this park to anyone heading to the Custer area.
Ok, I'm superceding my previous best. Just spent last night in Theodore Roosevelt NATIONAL park in Medora, ND. Dry camping. Fortunately, it was cloudy and cool, so I got by with just windows open. Anyway, you go in the park entrance and you have to pay a $10 park fee just to get in. Then you pay another $10 to camp. The pull through sites were LOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG! 45 foot diesel pushers with tow cars still have room to spare! I'm just in a Class C. But, some of the pull through's are steeply arc'd. But it's in the North Dakota BADLANDS, and it's quite spectacular.
Jerry S

Believe it or not, I am sitting here in the City of Medora Campground and RV Park reading your post about how you were in TRNP 2 days ago in the campground there ( I assume your were at Cottonwood as it is the only CG in the park that I know of in TRNP).
We've been to so many places in our 2-1/2 years of full-timing that picking favorites is hard to do. However, we've been at Whistler Campground in Jasper National Park in Alberta for the past week and this may top them all. It is a beautiful well-run CG with huge FHU sites sitting in some of the most stunning scenery in North America. At ~$38/night we think it's a bargain. This is our first trip to Jasper but it won't be our last! Here's what we look like in our site: IPB Image

This is a tough thing to figure out. Right now, I have to go with 4 camping trips, NOT listed in order;

Lake George Evergreen Escape Campground, Lake George, New York. Large, expensive campground with LOTS for a family to do, and you can explore the Lake George area. When our kids were young (pre-teen) we just had a great time there, both times we went.

Fort Wilderness, Disney World, Florida. Yea, kind of a gimme, but this is a spectacularly run campground, attached to the best (I think) family resort in the world. Best to pay in advance, and not look at the bills...

Blackwoods Campground, Acadia, Maine. No hookups, and difficult for a large camper to get into. But... Acadia is a beautiful place to hike, while also allowing you (if necessary, or you just want to) to drive to most of the beautiful spots in the area. Don't underestimate Acadia! Trails look very short and easy on the map, but it is mostly hills / climbing type hiking. Also, one of our trips here we stayed with another family and had a great time, including a fantastic seafood boil dinner at our campsite.

River Bend Campground in Oneco, Connecticut. Doesn't have the best facilities, only one medium size pool, dirt roads, sites aren't all that big... BUT, we ALWAYS have the best time here! Well run campground with great, polite management. Seems like all the campers are in a good mood. Tons of dogs all over the campground, but everyone seems to pickup after their dogs and keeps them under control. This campground just seems to have great "atmosphere".
Colorado Kamper
Wow. Just went to Custer SP and Rafter J a month ago. Did not know I got some of the best smile.gif

Custer was great but only had space for 2 days or I would have stayed longer. Rafter J was nice but due to last minute reservations was in the main camp instead of being in the trees and more isolated.

My vote goes for Matagorda Bay on the Gulf of Mexico. It is where the Colorado river hits the gulf. We were about 30 feet from the Colorado river and a hop, skip and a whistle from the gulf and beach.
Sitting in the mineral hot tubs on a January night and being able to pick out the arms of the Milky Way it is so clear is a great experience. We were at "The Springs at Borrego". One of the best RV Parks we have every stayed at, Borrego Springs CA. Oh and normal January weather is shirt sleeves.
Fred and Adele
We just left the seven feathers RV resort. This would be my all time favourite RV resort for resting and relaxing. My wife got some time at the casino and I read, rested and worked out. Last night there were deer moving alongside of the elevated cleared area behind our rig. The place is located in Canyonville, Oregon. Every year my wife wants to stay longer and longer.
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