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Full Version: Campground Location Balloons On Map?
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When I view the website on my cell phone I am able to see and select campground balloons on the map which is awesome and makes it easier to select a campground based on location.

When I view the webpage on my computer I do not receive any balloons on the state maps indicating the campgrounds. Anyone know how I can acquire those on the website when viewing on my computer?

Thanks for your help,
Dar biggrin.gif
Ted Morgen
I don't know about individual cell phone features. I do know that when you visit a "Good Sam" campground they might have the Good Sam map of the US. It shows all Good Sam Campgrounds. If there is one noted, you can be
fairly sure there are others nearby. I believe the map is free. If the campground doesn't carry them, I know they give them out in the package when you become a member.
Ted/Conifer now in Florida.
If you are using Internet Explorer on your computer, it does not show the map pins, so you may need to switch to another browser. I know that Firefox shows the pins, but I am not sure if any other browsers do.
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