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Full Version: Lost Reviews!
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dodge guy
Ok, this is not that big an issue, but it has happened 3 times in a row. I submit a review and it never shows up. I`ll wait 2-3weeks and then I give up an repost it and it goes through. did this with the last 3. all of them I had to resubmit. Like I said it`s not a huge deal just a pain. anyone else run into this? I`m going to try and resubmit it later today.
Our records show that your last two reviews were deferred for not meeting our guidelines in some manner. You should have received emails stating that these reviews were deferred and telling the reason why. If these were not returned to you in a timely manner, it is because we receive over 100 reviews a day during the summer months, and it takes a while to read all of them.

It appears that the review you submitted in Aug. 2013 was resubmitted, and it is posted. Your most recent review from Sept. 2013 has not been resubmitted.

Prior to these two reviews, you have numerous other reviews that were accepted. Four of them were deferred and resubmitted before ultimately being posted.

I hope this explains your inquiry, but please let me know if you have any other questions.
dodge guy
Thanks. No I never got an Email and on 1 review I waited for approx. a month. According to the review process I fixed a couple things I forgot to do, checked boxes, price per nite, etc., but that was all. then I clicked on submit and it showed it was waiting for review. hmmm? no I haven`t resubmitted the latest review yet. I would be curious what criteria weren`t met.

Thank you!
The email you should have gotten contains some comments from the admin who deferred the review which tell what the problem was. In this case your review was unedited.

Because we get so many reviews, we do not have the time to correct everyone's mistakes. Therefore, we ask that reviews be submitted with correct punctuation and capitalization. In looking at your other deferred reviews, this seems to be problem with all of them, and I can see that we also took the time to correct quite a few of the others rather than defer them.

The content of your reviews is good, but they do contain quite a few grammatical errors. Therefore, I would politely ask you to please proofread your reviews and make any needed corrections before submitting them.

PS If you are not receiving our emails about your reviews, you may need to see if they are going into your spam folder. Do you get the ones that say your review has been posted?
This has also happened to me twice. It was the same campground a year later. I posted several others with no issue.
I'm not saying our system never has a glitch, but usually when a member says they did not get an email it is because 1. it went into a spam file; 2. it went into an email account that is not checked often; or 3. the member has changed their email address since signing up, and we no longer have a correct one for them.
dodge guy
I did proof read them and they seemed good. I didn't notice any errors. I know my keyboard on my laptop has been freezing up and sometimes it freezes for a few letters/punctuatuons, but nothing that should get it deferred, and i do proof read. I would say i'm pretty good at grammar too. LOL

I'll have to double check a bit more on the descriptions.
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