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Full Version: Do You Repot Things?
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Recently there was a review for the CG we manage where the poster commented about a problem with a water faucet. We knew there was a tiny leak but were waiting for the parts to be delivered so we could repair it. Apparently from the time we spotted it that morning and the time the poster checked in the problem had gotten worse. If he had let us know about the worsening problem we would gladly have moved him to another spot but, instead, he decided to post about it and give us a bad rating. I know from some comments on here that some of you do report things with negative results but, normally, do you report a problem to management? There are times when we check things in the morning and a problem comes up later and we don't realize it. We would do what we could to fix it if we are told about it. There was a time when our WiFi went out for a few days. Since we didn't use it we had no way of knowing until someone came and asked if we were ever going to get it repaired. I would much prefer someone let us know there is a problem and give us the opportunity to change things rather than just refusing to stay with us again or to give us a poor review.
We report problems to the management, but the only time I lower the rating (a bit) is if they seem to ignore the problem and do not respond in a reasonable amount of time. I also take into consideration that some repairs depend on the reliability of an outside source, and even though the campground manager may have responded to my report, they are basically at the mercy of the repair company. If the problem is not /cannot be fixed in a reasonable amount of time, I would expect to be moved to a different site. I can be understanding as long as I know the manager is at least trying to solve the problem in the best way possible.
I agree with the previous poster. I will report anything that is not working as it should. The only time I will mention it in a review is when the campground personnel doesn't respond or has to be asked several times to fix it. Especially if you, for instance, go to the office to report that you can't get on the internet and are told that it must be *your* problem because the internet is working fine. Then I hear from the rver next door that the internet has been out for a week. Don't lie to me. I will put that in my report. If I get the impression that I am annoying the office personnel by telling them that I don't have any electricity at my site, I will put that in my report. If I complain about fellow campers who have wild, loud, drunken parties every night until 2:00 a.m. and am told by the campground personnel that they "can't do anything about it", I put that in my report. On the other hand, if problems are taken care of promptly, I will report that as "campground personnel is attentive to problems and will take care of them quickly". I give praise where praise is due.
They should have reported it to management first. However, did you inform the camper at check in that there was a leak, and you were waiting on the parts and would have it fixed around a certain time? If not, their neighbor may have told them that the CG personnel looked at it earlier and didn't fix it. The lack of information plus the neighbor's interpretation of events may have sparked the review.
In this case, no we did not tell him. The drip was a very tiny one that would have no effect on anyone using the water faucet. Even when he was there it had no effect on his use of the faucet but was, apparently, spraying a bit. There was no neighbor involved in this...just the one RV'er.
There's a big difference between a small drip and a spraying faucet that's going to get the site (or the camper) all soggy. Generally we do report stuff like that to whichever CG staff we see next.

If it doesn't get fixed we just figure that's the way things are done (or not) at that CG.

Might have been nice to apprise the camper that you were aware of the issue and were waiting on parts.
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