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Full Version: Kenny Lake Mercantile Rv Park, Kennylake, Ak
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The location shown for Kenny Lake Mercantile RV Park in Kenny Lake, Alaska is incorrect. The location shown on Google Maps is about 12 miles from the Richardson Highway, and there are not structures visible on the satellite map. The Park web site describes the location as 7.2 miles from Richardson Highway. This is the intersection of Edgerton Highway and Old Edgerton Highway. There are structures and roads on the satellite view that appeare to be an RV park. The gps location is: 61.736312,-144.952338.
Thank you for this information. We have moved the map pin to the intersection of Edgerton Highway and Old Edgerton Highway. The street view of this location shows a building with a sign reading Kenny Lake Mercantile, so we think this is the correct place. Please take another look at the map and let us know if you think this is the correction location.
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