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Full Version: Sell Rv Online
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I would be interested to know individual opinions as to what website is the best to use to sell a used Class C motorhome.
Janet H
I imagine you'll get lots of opinions here's mine... I've sold two RVs, both via Craigs List. The sales were straightforward and fairly fast. I took some simple precautions that I would recommend if you go this route. I set up a google phone number to use in the ad. When I had folks come to view the rigs, I made certain that t was not alone, I accepted only cash.

That said I was contracted by some flippers, who wanted to "relist" my rv for a small fee or percentage, I also got a couple of seriously spammy responses. Use some common sense and you should be fine. There are several RV centeric forums that have free classifieds for members and they can help you reach a national audience. Again, use some common sense and good luck!
I agree with Janet H, Craigslist is a good tool, sold my RV also along with a bunch of other stuff too. except cash only. Try not to way over price, this invites the scammers.

Cash. Be sure you know what a fake bill looks like. Or else suggest they go to your bank with you in separate vehicles and let the bank personal check them. Make out a bill of sale for them to sign also.

Another way if you take a bank check is to drive to their bank with your RV if not to far away. Have the bank personal make out the check while you wait. All paperwork can be done there.

Another Craig's list vote. The sites that advertise across the country are pretty much useless if you are selling a generic, relatively inexpensive rig. People in California are not going to buy sight/unseen and are not going to fly to Atlanta, rent a car and drive to Timbuktu Georgia to look at a $12,000 rig since that journey could easily turn out to be a snipe hunt. They would save money by purchasing a rig locally for $15,000 and usually there is a similar rig nearby for that $12,000 figure. The equation changes if you are selling a million dollar Newell or have something unique, but a used Class C would probably never qualify. Also see if there is a Camping World location or a RV dealer nearby that does consignments. It is the easy way out. Costs some commissions but not having to worry about strangers stopping by, scam artists trying to trick you and tire kickers wasting your time is invaluable to many people.
Craigslist is my vote as well. A couple of suggestions. 1) clean up the inside. I've. Seen many ads where there are blakets piled up, spare parts strewn about, and "stuff" lying around making the rig more cluttered than it should be. 2) check prices against other similar rigs. Even if you put many thousands of dollars into the coach, you still have competition out there selling similar motor homes, and you have to be competitive. 3) a simple thing to do is list in the description the word "motorhome" (one word), and "motor home" (two words). People will search on one combination. But not both.
Thanks to all for your very informative replys.
Janet H
One final thought... I recently purchased a vintage Airstream in another state via Craigslist. The seller held the trailer for several days while I arranged to travel to the area to inspect. The sale went smoothly and I paid cash but was I was surprised when the money transaction took place that the seller got out one of those "fake bill" detection pens and swiped every bill with it. In retrospect that was a great idea. Those pens are sold at office supply stores.
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