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Full Version: Toll Roads
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Starting this Jan 1, 05 the Illinois toll road system has raised tolls by as much as 300% in certain times and loads. We in Illinois have the option to purchase what they call an I pass transponder that allows the driver of a vehicle to use the express lanes when entering a toll plaza. But under the new system, if you do not have the I pass, you pay 100% more in the toll for your car. TRUCKS have there own rates. Example, You are pulling a double axle trailer with your dully pick up. The toll system now says that you will be charged for 5 axles, The Dully counts as 2, thus under the old system you would have payed 80 cents to 1.00 dollars at every major toll plaza. Now you will pay 2.00 to 2.50 at each toll plaza. But it could be higher if you are on the road during rush hours. Am / Pm. Even we who live in this area, do not know.
So watch I-88 I-90 I-94 in the Chicago area. sad.gif
I live in Illinois also. This is a prime example of Taxation without Representation. What ever happened to Tollway Reform that Governor Blagorovich promised? Every elected official is the same; they promise to "do away witht the tollway system", they get into office, see how money is being made and climb in bed with the tollway commission.
I love how the tollway authority has erected these electronic signs over the road, at a cost of who knows how many millions per sign, just to remind us to wear our seatbelts and not speed. What a huge amount of waste.
Sorry for rant, but I detest the Illinois Tollway Authority.
Mr. Camper
We have the same thing here in FLAUSA only it's called a Sun Pass. I have it to access a county park/campground and some great fishing piers. Otherwise we avoid the toll-roads always and the interstates whenever possible.

Keep in mind that the vehicles that maintain and repair the tollways run on gas/diesel and those costs are currently skyrocketing and guess who always pays the freight?
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