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Full Version: Misleading Park Facilities ?
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While looking for a park I found Garrett RV Park in Nampa ID

Looked reasonable for a quick overnight but when I clicked on their website I see a list of park amenities including "Waterfront Access"

The Google Earth view of the park
does not seem to match the description

RVParkReviews list seems correct but I have to wonder what the park owners were thinking.
The second link you clicked on is not the park's website. It is another part of RVParkReviews. This is what we show when the park does not have its own website. The information on that second website is pulled from the information on the main listing (first link). Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in our system, and the main site lists "no" to water access (which is accurate) while the second site says "yes" when it should say "no" also. Sorry for the confusion.
The website referenced is not the park's website but, rather, is a site that collects information about businesses (in this case RV parks) and repackages it. Quite often the information provided has not been shared with or verified by the business. It is obvious that in this case at least some of the information is incorrect.
Florida Native
If you highlight the name of the park and right click on it, you can bring it up on Google and then switch to images. It shows quite a few images of the park. Takes only about 5 seconds and it is a good check. A pictures is worth 700 words (used to be 1000 before the recession).
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