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Full Version: Inside Rv Thermometer
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What is the name of the thermometer you can put in your RV to monitor temp inside RV to keep your pets safe and where can I get one? The thermometer sends an alert to your phone if the temp in the RV gets too hot? Thanks
I have never heard of such a thing. It may be from a non RV manufacturer. I checked 3 different sources including Lance and turned up empty, Sorry and good luck in your search.
I have heard of these. They contact you somehow if the temp in the RV goes outside a comfortable range. I have even seem them advertised, and I think at one time they were available at Camping World, but I cannot find them now--anywhere.
I found one by "ideal sciences" but it is $200 and has a few different uses. Wanted for a bit less money! Thanks
Thanks for the info. I'm pretty sure the one I saw did not do all the things this one does, but that was a couple of years ago and technology has advanced since then. I also think the one I saw was $300 and something, and I seem to recall it was advertised specifically for RV use, not homes. We have been wanting something like this for years because we travel with our animals and worry about them in the RV in the summer while we're out sightseeing. Fortunately we've never had a bad incident, but we came close one time when the power went out all through the campground. We were lucky that we just happened to get back to the RV before it had been off too long. That is when we started thinking about something like this. Just never got one. Now you've made me want to look into it again. Please post if you find anything else.

It may be better to consider an auto generator start kit.

That way the air conditioning could keep your pets cool.
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